Once again from Aoi Koda’s Pattern Lesson  「香田あおいのパターンレッスン」からもう一枚


Hello, I am back with a new top. Well, actually I had already been wearing it a lot this summer, and it is a well-loved member of my closet!




I made it using the Japanese sewing book “Aoi Koda’s Pattern Lesson” which I talked about in a previous post, which came out this Spring. I think I said before, but I really like this book! The items are simple but have simple details which make them special.





Hmmm I thought I ironed…



You can also mix and match the details introduced in the book.  I decided to add a panel to the bottom (instructions included in this book), as I did not have enough of this fabric to cut it in the length required. The fabric is linen lawn fabric which was rescued from a failed project a year ago :-(  Luckily there was just enough rescued for this project, it would have been a waste if I had to throw this fabric out.


パターン3Cを作りたかったけど、生地が足りなかったので、3C+3 Basic (ウエスト下に切り替を足す)を作りました。




Here is what it looks like on.





It is great by itself and also under a cardigan! I think I want many more of them…

That’s it for now!  Thanks for reading:-)

Are you ready for Autumn? I already started looking at knitting patterns for the cooler weather…exciting!





にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ

MICHIYOさんの新刊から a vest from Michiyo’s new book

*please scroll down to see the post in English*


I was so excited about my make from the Japanese knitting book “Michiyo’s Workshop” last year, that when Michiyo’s new book, “Happy Choice of Color and Style Knit Daywear” came out this Spring, I ordered my copy right away without any second thoughts.




My first make from the book is the Lace Vest (page 34)

I don’t usually go for lace items because I am not very good with them (something always get caught on doorknobs, on necklaces etc..) but when I saw this pattern I had to make it.




Progress was slow in the beginning, but after I got used to knitting the lace pattern, things went quite smoothly.

I chose the same yarn in the same color as the sample shown in the book:-)




After it is completed, I realise it looks a bit similar to this other lace top which I made, even though the yarns are different in textures and colors. I don’t mind though! They are both great pieces in my summer wardrobe.



There are many cool items I want to make from this book, but as usual there is only so much time!

I want to make (wishful thinking) at least another 2 items from this book… at some time or another…






にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 編み物(Ravelryパターン)へ

michiyosummer10 The instructions were as usually quite clear and well diagramed. It looks like there will be another book released by Michiyo for autumn-winter this year! I can’t wait, though it’s still boiling outside, I can already dream about what I want to make for the colder weather.

Thank you for reading :-)
Have you already started planning what to knit for the upcoming colder weather?

コアコアのワンピース  a new Quoi Quoi dress



Hello, it’s been awhile! I had been sewing/knitting a bunch of stuff in the meanwhile, and today I want to show this which is the one I like the most from the bunch.





First, I would like to start with this dress made using the latest book “Dresses” released by Quoi Quoi this spring.

Actually, I had been interested in books by Quoi Quoi for awhile but haven’t bought one until now. It was until I saw some pictures of beautiful projects using this book which prompted me to buy it, and I am so glad I did!




I was undecided on which dress (this is a book full of slouchy dresses) to make first but decided on this one with this unique tucked square neckline (#08). What is cool about the patterns in this book is that none of the patterns use zippers or buttons – one has to put the dress on over one’s head, yet the neckline looks quite fitted, don’t you think?



From the front and back, the silhouette is drapey and nice, but the side view gives you an idea of how much room there is. I don’t really mind the roominess though, and think it is really great drafting /designing on the part of Quoi Quoi.

One more thing I really like about this book is that the height of the model is given on the instruction page (several models are featured in the book). This way, one can get an idea of how the dress would look on different heights. It’s a great idea, since I usually wonder if it would be necessary to lengthen the patterns I use (depends on the pattern) so seeing the dress on a model around my height takes away the guesswork. I made the M size without any adjustments.



I took the styling tips from the book and wore it with black boots (in the book they were black shoes). I think one can create completely different looks with this dress just by changing the shoes and the accessories…. I think with sandals the  dress would look like resort-wear, and the other day I wore it to a formal event by styling with some pearl necklace chains. It is because of this versatility that this has been going through a non-stop wear-washing-wear-washing cycle since it was made!


As for the fabric, I used a red linen for this dress. I am crazy about linen lately… can you tell?^^





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In case anyone is wondering about what happened to my shorts from the last post, I took the whole thing apart and tried to make each part smaller, but after accidentally cutting the waist band so that it is too small to salvage, I put the remaining pieces into a bag and onto the back burner until I come up with a new idea to revive the project…

Thanks for reading until the end! ☀️

Have you ever altered pants/shorts?


Hello, I am back again!

I guess it would be all too good to be true if I love all the projects I make, so today I am here to show something I am not crazy about. I made both the top and the Bermuda shorts in this outfit. Both the patterns came from my new favourite sewing book Aoi Koda’s Pattern Lesson, which I talked a bit about in my previous post (the top is made using the same pattern as in my previous post).

I love the top, but the shorts… I am a bit disappointed with them.






They are a bit too baggy.  I made a size 9 graded to size 11 at the waist as per my measurements, but they seem too roomy. The shorts look very chic and tailored on the model, but perhaps it is because of the soft fabric I used, and the fact that the shorts are sliding down a bit hence making them look longer than they should be, but something looks off.





The shorts pattern (Lesson 2-F in the book) is for a zipper fly short, pleated at the front, with elastic at the back waistband, and side pockets. The instructions were very clear and I was sure I was going to have no problem, so I didn’t make a muslin.


The top (Lesson 1a) in the book is made with linen jersey (yay!)



I really really like linen jersey:-)  Matching the stripes was difficult, though, because the fabric is slippery and stretchy.




Here is what the shorts look like from the front. I am so proud of the construction!



The elasticated back waist band. I thought about shortening the elastic so that the back would be tighter, but think it would result in unwanted bunching/ballooning at the back, so I left it for now.



The front fly looks much, much better than my first attempt at a fly front.


summeroutfit15Useful pockets included.



Thank you for enduring my whining about these shorts. I would really like to make them nicer to showcase the lovely fabric (a soft linen) better. In terms of making the fit better, I am thinking either of taking width in from the sides, or alternatively, making the pleats bigger at the front, and taking width in from the centre seam at the back. Since there are pockets on the sides, either of the methods would be difficult… maybe I will just soak it in very hot water in hopes it shrinks, haha😃  The length will probably be better once I take in the waist and it sits better at the waist.

Have you ever altered a pair of shorts/pants? If you have any advice on how to make these shorts better, I would really love to hear! Thank you for reading^^



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Treasured T-shirt

日本語が英文の後に続きます。The text in Japanese will follow below.


I hope you had a enjoyable weekend. Mine had been quite busy… but I did have time to trace and cut out fabric for my next make, so I am happy:-)

I just want to show a little top I made recently.






Again, it is one of those nothing exciting items… but I am so excited about it!

First of all, the pattern came from my new favourite sewing book, Aoi Koda’s Pattern Lesson, freshly released this Spring🎵 Aoi Koda is a sewing teacher who runs a popular sewing school – Lala Sewing et Kiyasu – in Kyoto, Japan. I actually didn’t know much about her books until I came across this new one, but they are very much my style! I love sewing with linen and wool, and in her books all the recommended fabrics are linen and wool:-)








I really wish I came across her books when I first started learning to sew. Since she is a sewing teacher, her instructions are very clear, and get right down to the details! Not just “Step 5. Add a zipper” and leave the reader what type of zipper, how/where to add, etc. Thanks to all the hand-holding, my top looks store-bought (or so I like to think:-D) if you ignore the slightly wavy hem. I made this using just my sewing machine.







This is pattern 1A in Size 9. The book does not have many patterns – only 4 main ones actually. But the “pattern lessons” given allow you to use the same patterns to make many different interpretations.





The pattern recommends a woven linen. However, I happened to have some very delightful linen jersey with a beautiful sheen, and used that instead – I find jersey tops easier to wear underneath suits for work, so recently I acquired quite a bit of linen jersey for this purpose:-)




One thing I must say I really like about this pattern is the sizing and the cut. Some Japanese patterns have too much ease for my liking – however, with this one, I am able to get the fit I like, using the size I am meant to use, without any adjustments other than my usual addition of 2 cm in length. I am also very impressed with the shaping that the darts give. This is a loose T-shirt top, but I find the shaping quite flattering.

Here’s a close-up of the darts.






That’s it for now! Thanks for reading! I hope I will find the time to share more about this book in a later post.

When you first learned to sew, did you have any books/patterns that you found particularly useful to help you learn?




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Dear Mother’s Girlhood Jacket

日本語が英文の後に続きます。The post in Japanese will follow after the English.

Hello. It’s been awhile! I missed sewing and blogging about sewing, so I am happy I finally have time again to sit down and write about this jacket. Ever since I saw LaPetiteMaisonCouture’s quilted Bernadette, I was in love and wanted one for myself. I recently saw some Nani Iro fabric which was already pre-quilted and thought it was the perfect answer to my laziness to quilt, but I found that all but one (sold out) type of Nani-Iro quilt fabric has the quilt lines running vertically, and I had wanted mine with a horizontal or diamond quilt pattern. mothersday5 Then came Mother’s Day and I thought my Mom, who loves Chanel-style jackets, would probably like a quilted jacket as well:-) So after having her choose from several Nani Iro fabrics, she chose this one and off we go! (I did not give my Mom the names of the fabrics she was choosing from but she happened to have chosen this fabric, which is called “Dear Mother’s Girlhood” –  I thought it was quite appropriate for the occasion:-) mothersday3 Worn with my Belladone dress which is still a favourite:-) I used République du Chiffon’s Bernadette pattern, and made a straight size 36 without any adjustments. I had previously made one for myself in Size 34 and thought it was a bit large at the shoulders, but this one seems to fit better! Maybe it is because this pattern is drafted as a quilted jacket (the picture on the envelope is a quilted version). Mothersday1 What can I say… I like the result a lot! I got to make one for myself when it gets cooler. The pattern itself was a breeze to make up. The most difficult part was deciding on the pattern placement (there are so many beautiful colors and flowers on this fabric and I wanted to make sure I get many of them on the jacket. mothersday8 To get the fabric to stick to the batting, I used a liquid fusible in between which, after applying heat by iron, made the two layers stick together. I cut the batting larger than the fabric, and trimmed after quilting each piece. The quilting was time-consuming and it was not my favourite part, but at least quilting just horizontally is not as difficult as diamond quilting (which I did in my first attempt of this jacket… more on that perhaps another day^^:) mothersday10 For this jacket, I used some very nice all-cotton batting from a cotton store that makes futons – it is fluffier and looks like it is of higher quality than craft batting, but it was basically like a big wad of fluffy natural cotton (like the kind used for make-up removal or bandaging) – and fluffy meant not easy to work with. I love the softness it brings to the finished jacket, though:-) mothersday13 How often do we get to see the raw inside of a quilted jacket?

I just marked the lines 3 cm apart with tailor’s chalk and quilted using a walking foot. I have a tool called “quilting bar” (a long metal stick) which came with my sewing machine – and it looks like I could use that – but I am not sure how to use it as it kept falling off when I tried (will read the machine’s instruction booklet next time I quilt^^;)mothersday14 mothersday15 mothersday16 I made sure I matched the back seams perfectly. mothersday17 So that’s all for now. Have you tried quilting and if you did have you succeeded in just using the quilting bar (instead of marking the lines)?

Thanks for reading. I wish you a great weekend:-)





NaniIroのHPからいくつか生地の候補(画像)をピックアップして母に生地を選んでもらったら、偶然にも”Dear Mother’s Girlhood”というぴったりのネーミングの生地を選んだ^^カラフルで素敵な花模様がなるべく多く入るよう、パターンの配置にたっぷり時間をかけて決め決めました。



肝心のパターンは、以前使ったことがある、Republique du ChiffonのBernadetteです。前回はサイズ34を作り、肩幅がありすぎたことに気になったが、今回は母のサイズ(36)にしたので、さらに大きくなるのかなぁと思ったら、キルティングした生地が厚みがあるからか、意外と肩幅に違和感を感じなかった。


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ

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Hirameki Jacket

日本語は英文の後に続きます。Please scroll down for the post in Japanese.


Hello, I hope you had a great week!

I am so excited to write about this jacket!
I was in Okadaya (5-storey fabric shop in Tokyo) and though I didn’t need any more fabric, I saw this very nice yellow and white striped delicate linen – it was smooth, thin, and expensive at over USD$30 per metre. I love this color combination (this particular shade of yellow is probably my favourite color), and though I didn’t know what I wanted to make with it, I couldn’t leave the shop without it, so I purchased 1.5 meters, thinking it’d make a really nice top.

But… it was such a precious fabric that once I had it, I wanted to maximise its “value”, so I thought about making a dress (which would have probably been nice too)… then I remembered the Michelle jacket pattern by Republique du Chiffon I had, which I always wanted to try!  The picture on the pattern envelope also was also of a striped version! and I had enough of this fabric to make it! That’s when the “hirameki” (Aha! Eureka! moment) hit:-)


GWの前に新宿のオカダヤに行ってきました。「ウィンドーショッピング」のつもりで行ったが(何か買わないと気が済まないとわかってたくせに^^)この素敵なリネンの生地と出会っちゃった!私の一番好きな少し薄い黄色、さらにリネン生地では少しめずらしいストライプ柄。。。1メートル3000円以上するから、買うべきかどうか迷っていたが、やっぱりどうしても欲しくなって、パターンも何も決まってないのにとりあえず1.5メートルを買って帰りました。簡単なトップスにするつもりだったが、ちょっともったいない気がして、ワンピース?も考えたが、席を立つときのシワシワ(リネンだから)が気になって。。。それで、前から持っているフランスの型紙ブランドRepublique du Chiffon のMichelleジャケットなら行けるんじゃない?と突然ひらめいた。1.5メートルでちょうどよかった^^


I did some research on which size I should make. I think I am a size 36 in Republique du Chiffon sizing, but I thought the previous Bernadette jacket I made – even though I made it in Size 34 – looked a bit big especially in the shoulders. After reading this post on Annie Coton’s wonderful blog, though, I was convinced that this jacket is supposed to have an oversized, boyfriend’s jacket look, and went with Size 36.

サイズ選びで迷っていました。自分のサイズとパターンのサイズ表を照らしあわせたら、私はサイズ36であることに間違えないですが、以前作った同ブランドのジャケット(Bernadette)は、一個下のサイズ34で作ったにもかかわらず肩あたりのゆっとり感が少しありすぎて気になっていた。でも、Annie Cotonさんがアップした素敵なジャケットの写真と記事をみて、やっぱりこのジャケットはオーバーサイズのボイフレンドスタイルジャケットとして羽織ったほうがカッコいいと確信して、サイズ36にしました。


I added my usual 2 cm to lengthen it. I followed the instructions in the instruction booklet and everything was smooth sailing, until it was time to turn the lined jacket inside out near the end. I was stuck, but luckily Géraldine, Republique du Chiffon’s designer, has a very useful step-by-step tutorial on her blog, which I referred to in order to get unstuck:-)

The linen is very thin, so I interfaced the front pieces as well as all the facings and pockets, and reinforced the areas to which the pockets were to be mounted as well (my failed jacket project did teach me with some jacket making know-how, though I never had an end-product to wear:-) The lining had to be white, I thought (because the linen was so thin and see-through) and I had that in the stash (I love it when that happens!) As you can see in the picture above it is still a bit see-through once lined (you can see the folds in the lining) but oh well, it doesn’t really bother me.




I love it!! I know, I say that about all my me-mades, but I feel stylish when I wear this! I am wearing my handmade lacey knit top underneath:-)



It is comfy, too, and will be useful in the summer for wearing in chilly air-conditioned places as well.



The stripe matching was a bit nerve-wrecking and stressful, but well worth it!





Thank you for reading until the end and I wish you a great weekend!
Have you had any hirameki (Eureka!) moments with your sewing recently?



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Jacquard Knit Top & Review of Kana’s Standard

日本語が英文の後に続きます。(The post in Japanese will follow below.)

We interrupt our quilting program with a new post!

Yes, I am currently trying my hand at quilting right now:-)  To be precise, a quilted jacket, but more on that later!

Today I want to show a top I made a few weeks ago for work, when it was still chilly.


The pattern came from the Winter 2014 issue of Cotton Friend. It is actually the second time I made this. The first time, I installed a zipper on the top part of the back, as called for by the pattern, and not only was it not necessary (I can put it on without the zipper) but it didn’t look nice/I screwed it up a bit being my first time to sew with a knit fabric, so that top was added to my PJ collection.


Given the large number of patterns I still want to make, I might not have gone back to make this pattern again, had it not been for my husband who keeps saying he thinks that the top looks very cool (we have been married long enough now that I know he’s not saying it just to be nice:-)

So here comes version #2, in Size M, zipper taken out from back, in a cotton/lyocell jacquard knit fabric. The fabric is lighter in weight than the wool I used for the first version, so it is a bit different than what has now become my PJ top, but the drop-shoulder silhouette is the same. I love this shape, I think it is the perfect solution for not having to worry about the fit of the shoulders!


Post 3 of 3 of my standing-on-my-bathmat series…  Hopefully I can take some pictures outside as the weather has gotten warmer!


I love knitted tops! They make me feel like I am in my PJs the whole day when I wear them to work^^ When I first started sewing, knitted tops were not on my priority list – I thought I should solely focus on making items which would be expensive to buy (i.e. dresses… trousers…) But now I see handmade knitted tops are the best! I definitely love this much more than my store-bought ones:-)


This fabric is a delicate charcoal grey jacquard knit – so pretty:-)


Moving on, in my last post on my “blouse laitue“, I said I will share more on a newly released Japanese sewing book, Kana’s Standard, from which I got my blouse laitue pattern. The book releases this year have really been great, and this one is no exception! Kana Sato is a popular Japanese fashion stylist working with magazines, etc.. with sewing as a hobby:-)

Here are some of my favourites from the book, which basically has a few patterns, which are adjusted to make a whole repertory to fill one’s wardrobe.



The yellow-green blouse intrigues me because it uses the same pattern as the one pink one on the cover, but look how adding the black lace makes it look quite different? I want to give this version a try too!


To some this dress may look quite baggy, but I quite like it and like the way she styled it with sneakers (the model is the designer/stylist Kana herself:-)


After each “section” or main pattern, she adds a section of how she would style those items, which is quite cool!


Next is the pant section. I love the suspender pants…(and the styling of the whole book!)



Skirt section.  I am not a fan of elasticated waists, but I am very intrigued by this half elasticated waist (it looks like a regular non-elasticated waist band at the front), and think I am sold on the idea. I especially like the striped skirt.


kana15 kana16

I like it how just with little changes to the patterns/fabrics, you can come out with so many skirts. I would love to give this little black taffeta skirt a try.


The last section is on “gowns” (light jackets). I am intrigued by the blue wool one… could look like a sleeping robe, but could also look very fashionable:-)


Do you like any of the items?

Kana’s Standard is available at Sew Tokyo.






シンプルだけど、繊細のジャカードが可憐でとても気に入っています。さらにニットだから着心地もふわふわで最高! 控え目の色だから職場に着てもセーフなので、かなりヘビロテしています^^

この春は素敵な洋裁本が相次いで発売されましたね!レタスブラウスの記事でちょっと話した佐藤かなさんのKana’s Standardの中の作りたいアイテムを上記でリストアップしました(時間が倍ぐらいあっても足りないかも…汗)その中、みなさんのお気に入りアイテムがありましたか。


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Blouse Laitue

日本語が英文の後に続きます。For Japanese post will follow the English. Hello! I hope you are having a good week so far:-) I am back again with a story of a blouse which required 2 meters of fabric! (@110cm wide so I guess it’s not thaaat bad) It is made from a new Japanese pattern book called Kana’s Standard freshly released this Spring. Kana is a fashion stylist and so the book has many items which (in my opinion) make a stylish wardrobe, but more on that later!

こんにちは。今日は2メートルの生地を使って作ったブラウスの話です♪(幅110cmの生地で) 「KANA’S STANDARD スタイリスト佐藤かなの簡単に作れて、とこんと着れる」という本のパターンを使いました。スタイリストさんが出している本ということにとても興味を持ち発売された日に即ゲット!表紙のブラウスがかわいい〜と思って早速作ってみた!

laitue7 This is my “blouse laitue” because it reminds me of lettuce, a bit frilly, green…well I guess this colour makes it a not-so-appetising lettuce @_@ Don’t get me wrong, though, I do like it quite a lot^^!

このブラウスをblouse laitue (レタスブラウス?)を名付けた理由は、ご覧の通り、フリルの感じや色がちょっとレタスっぽい?からです^^ おいしそうなレタスの色じゃないけどね(汗) でもなんだかんだ言って、気に入ってますよ! laitue1 I planned to make it in pink as in the book, but I wanted to use the same linen which I used in my boat neck top and it was already sold out in pink, so I chose this pastel green.

本の表紙を飾ってるのと同じピンク色にしたかったけど、どうしてもボートネックトップスを作った時に使ったクールクラッシュリネンを使いたかくて、ピンクはその時点でもう売切れだったので、春っぽい?この薄緑色にしました。 laitue2 The style is wide and I felt it would be a bit short on me so I lengthened from the original pattern by 2 cm.

デザインがボリューム感があるので、少し長めにしたほうが無難かなと思って2cmを足しました。 laitue8 The interesting detail on the sleeves is what attracted me to make this top. It is a simple addition but quite unique, no?

スリーブ部分のフリルに惹かれてこのブラウスを作ったのですが、やっぱりかわいい!シンプルなディテールだけどとても素敵 laitue5 If I were to make it again, I might make it in a brighter colour or a fabric with interesting texture for a “statement piece”.

もう一度このブラウスを作るならもうちょっと派手な色の生地とか変わった質感の生地を使って「ステートメントピース」にしたいな〜 laitue6 laitue3 Probably not the most practical as a blouse to wear under jackets (possible, certainly, but if made in linen like mine it gets all folded and creased by the time you take your jacket off at your destination!

実用性の面では・・・ボリューミだからジャケットの中に着るには不向きかな・・・リネンだから特にジャケットを脱いだらブラウスがシワシワ^^; laitue13 laitue12 But these are really just observations and not complaints; I do genuinely like this and have been wearing it several times already!:-)

でもなんだかんだ言って、デザインがおしゃれで素敵だと思い、愛用しています。^^ laitue11   Thank you for reading! 最後まで読んでいただきありがとうございました!

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


Twins dress

日本語が英文の後に続きます。Text in Japanese will follow.

Hi everyone,

I am back with a new dress!

This is from the pattern Vogue 1399, designed by Badgley Mischka.


今日はVogue 1399 (Badgley Mischkaのデザイン)を使って作ったワンピースをお披露します。


I was pretty excited with last year’s Vogue summer releases – there were a few dresses I liked. Other than this one, I also liked this one by the same designer, as well as this one and this one by  Kay Unger. I thought this one would be perfect for work, but it called for a knit fabric (which I had not worked with until recently) and it took a long time to finally find ponte roma  (one of the suggested fabrics), so hence it took almost a year from when I got this pattern to finally make it.

このパターンが昨年の春夏二リリースされたものですが、同時に他にいくつか素敵なパターンが発売され、ワクワクした覚えがあります。中にはこのデザイナーさんのこちら、また、Kay Ungerのこちらこちらもなかなか素敵だと思いませんか。



The instructions were very clear.  It was my first time working with a non-vintage Big-Four pattern, so I did not know what size to choose, but I read often in other blogs that there is quite a bit of ease so I chose a size smaller than my measurements suggested. it looks a bit tight across the chest in these pictures, but it doesn’t feel tight at all. However, I think I might go a half-size up then next time I make it (according to the size chart I am between sizes 10 – 12 at the bust and hip, and between 12 and 14 at the waist, so I traced in between the lines of 8-10 for the bust and hip, and between 10-12 for the waist this time).

作り方の説明書はとてもわかりやすかったです。ビンテージのVogue PatternやButterickなどは使ったことがありますが、現代のVogueパターンを使うのは初めてでした。サイズチャートで自分に当てはまるサイズを選んじゃうと、出来上がったものがブカブカで合わないと、以前どこかで読んだことがあるので、自分のサイズより一つ小さいものを選びました。もともと二つのサイズの間ですので、ワンサイズしたのハーフサイズにしました。

vogue11Not much to say other than that… I am a fan of these Vogue designer patterns! the instructions are clear, there are illustrations, and the fit is pretty good out of the envelope! I did not make a muslin.


If you looked at the pattern envelope you would have noticed that I left the peplum off my version… I was quite on the fence about it. I actually liked the original design with peplum as it is on the envelope, but for work which is what I will be wearing this for, leaving it off makes it more versatile, I can wear it under jackets, etc. I can also wear it unbelted :-)



vogue3There is a zipper at the back, and it was a challenge getting the two sides to line up! I can get the dress on and off without it, so perhaps my next version will not have a zipper.



That’s it for now. There are not many patterns that I say I want to make again (because there are so many patterns I still want to try!) but this is one that I feel I need another – may be because it is so simple and so versatile (good for work, for dinner…) or maybe because I want a more well-made version…


By the way, as it gets warmer in Japan I rushed to make this because it will soon become too warm to wear this dress – which is worn waaaay too many times for work:-) (do you see the resemblance?… hahaha, this is like a “twin” version! I didn’t even think about it until I finished it.)  Now I just need to make a summer version of my also well-worn Bernadette to wear with it in the office.

暖かくなってきているので昨年作った秋冬用のオフィスウェアもそろそろ着れなくなりますが、このVogue 1399はかなりヘビロテしたこのワンピースの代わりにものになります。そういうつもりじゃなかったが、出来上がったときはちょっとおかしかった:-) 色も形も似過ぎ(笑)春夏版のこのジャケットも作りたいな〜

pattern: Vogue V1399 Badgley Mischka

size: between 8 and 10 at bust and hip, at between 10 and 12 at waist. No adjustment to length. Left off peplum

fabric: cotton / rayon ponte roma knit

Do you like any of the new Vogue patterns this season?

皆さんは今期のVogue Patternsはもうチェック済みですか。気に入ったものがありましたか。




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