my garden in september

Since the start of my gardening habit in May this year (we live in a traditional Japanese apartment with a small balcony), I have sadly had to say goodbye to some plants but learned a lot along the way! Companion gardening, differing water and sun needs of plants, and how to make natural insecticide, to name a few.

I am quite happy with what I have created! We live not far away from the city center in Tokyo, and it is nice to come home to this little oasis after work and see the subtle changes in the garden.

my garden – 15 Sep 2012

Actually, I was away on a business trip last week and my hubby looked after the garden. It looked so much better after than before – maybe hubby has a natural green thumb!

For example, the petunias were barely flowering when I left..

and this is them now

the Chinese chives are flowering

and the herb garden is looking amazing! I have barely had the chance to use any fresh herbs except for the basil (yes, it is a waste…) but I hope to at least dry them and make some herb salt before the growing season ends.



5 thoughts on “my garden in september

  1. I love this blog so much and everyday I am checking if there’s more news coming up.
    Keep up the good work!

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