garden diary: sunday 2 october before the typhoon

Typhoon Jelawat hit Tokyo last Sunday.

It started out as a calm and sunny day but towards the evening the wind and rain got stronger, and it sounded like things were being lifted in the air outside. As the bouts of heavy rain recently seemed not to have bothered the plants in the garden so much, I was not so worried about damage to the garden. Unfortunately, there was some damage caused by the wind, most from flowers (the petunias and cosmos) being snapped off. The green onions also suffered by being bent at the base.

The scene immediately after the typhoon looked messy and sad so here I will post some pictures of  the development in the garden taken on that day (before the typhoon started).

The Chinese/Garlic chives, a.k.a. kow choi in full bloom. They are so strong (completely unaffected by the typhoon).

I really love this bright orange color of Sulphur cosmos (a.k.a. Yellow cosmos or Cosmos Sulphureus)

Another equally beautiful cosmos – Garden Cosmos (a.k.a. Mexican aster or Cosmos bipinnatus).  This white one is the one which was snapped off by the typhoon.

and finally, tah dah! this is the biggest update of the garden this week. The Texan bluebells (also known as Prairie gentian or as Eustoma russellianum) is about to bloom again! I bought the plant in July (in flowering state but flowers faded after two weeks) and was not sure whether it would flower again. Can’t wait to see it in bloom!

I look forward to sharing the pictures when they bloom:)


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