new additions to the garden – autumn

It is getting much cooler in Tokyo – definitely long sleeves weather.

As a novice gardener, my image of gardening is that is ends in autumn, though I am relieved by the fact that there are still many species of plants out for sale. Hopefully, the period in which no gardening is possible will be short.

Here are some new additions to the our garden recently.

Vancouver Geranium: I really love shape of the leaves (reminds me of Canada!) and the red and green color contrast! I did not have much luck with the regular geraniums which are known for their hardiness, and I hope that I have more luck with this very cute plant.

Sugar pine: I love the way the leaves drape down

Stock (in the back) in a lovely purple color (I sometimes move the plants on top of the air conditioner on a sunny weekend afternoon so that they can “sunbath”:)

WHO’s THIS? The pine sapling is joined by an unknown friend…(weed?) however, as they are growing together nicely I will let it grow and see.

Do you usually let any weeds (unknown plants) grow in your garden?


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