update on my garden

It has been awhile since I updated on what is happening in the garden. To tell the truth, not much, since I had been busy with a new hobby – sewing! I had never sewed before (except once in Grade 8 Home Ec. class), so I had been battling with the sewing machine the past week since it arrived.

However, I am certainly keeping the garden alive and going! Space is running out since I keep buying new plants, so I bought some new planters (some of them hang on the fence of the balcony)! They are very nice and add some “cuteness” to the simple garden, I believe:)

It is getting quite cold now, some leaves are starting to yellow and I notice that plant growth is much slower. I hope that the plants do hang on a little longer!

Here are the herbs – still doing quite well, but probably should harvest soon (you have probably already heard me say that in previous posts…)

And a picture of the flowering Texas Bluebell – out of the 3 which I originally planted, only one re-blossomed so far.

Plants spread out enjoying the autumn sun!

How is your garden doing? What kind of flowering plants do you plant for autumn/winter?




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