my garden in november

I hope you are doing well:)

As you can see in my last post on my last post on salmon with pesto crust, I am finally using my herbs:) I also keep the pots of other herbs close to the balcony door so that I can go out and pinch some for soup and other dishes while I am cooking. I am so happy I can use herbs that I grew on the balcony!

Please let me share some pictures of my garden taken over the weekend. The weather in Tokyo has been dropping (highs of 21 degrees C and lows of 11 degrees C) so the plants are not growing much but they are looking quite healthy! The viola and saffron are especially in great condition. In the plant stores near my house, I still see many colorful flowering varieties of plants including the viola (for gardening) for sale,which means that these plants must be able to last throughout the winter (or at least until the very end of autumn) here in Tokyo! I just cannot resist and bought a few more for the garden (will try to upload some new photos in my next post:)

It is so relaxing to go out into the “garden” on a sunny day like this:)

This week’s sunbathers:)

The saffron is growing very beautifully. I love the colors!


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