cheongsam? or not cheongsam?

I finally finished my first cheongsam (my first ever real sewing project), and while I am not too proud of the results, I would like to post it as a memory^^

This is what it is supposed to look like (a sexy cheongsam-inspired dress)!

What it turned out like… maybe it is due to the shine of the fabric and high color contrast, but kind of “futuristic” looking, hehe 🙂  

The pattern is from Burdastyle and the fabrics are both silk. The beige one is back crepe satin (charmeuse) and the navy one I am not sure but frays very easily.

I bought the fabric from Tomato, which is a huge multi-storey fabric galore in Nippori, the “fabric town” of Tokyo. I love the place and could probably spend hours there!!  My husband helped pick this beautiful color combination for fabrics.

My first attempt is not good enough to wear out (I am afraid it will come apart when I wear it) but this project definitely made me more interested in sewing!   Hope to be able to share with you a nicer looking dress next time!

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


9 thoughts on “cheongsam? or not cheongsam?

    1. Thank you Sara! I hope to have a nicer dress next time:)
      By the way, thank you for posting the recipe for vegetable stock cube! I always use commercially bought veg. stock cubes when I cook and I am so happy that I can now follow your recipe and make my own:D

  1. Looks good and silk must have been tricky to sew with! I’ve been planning on making a cheongsam as part of research for my current novel, and have been sitting on this Japanese pattern book for a while. It’s called “Elegant China” (ISBN4-579-10912-0). Thanks for sharing your cheongsam 🙂

    1. Thank you:) Silk was definitely not the fabric of choice for a first sewing project (if I only knew.. ) I had been wanting to purchase the book Elegant China as well as I love the books by this author (it’s not in print anymore so hard to see inside before purchasing). Looking forward to seeing some posts about your cheongsam project!

  2. I’m working on a muslin of this dress right now, and I must admit the directions on how to install the inner band and put the right side seam together make absolutely no sense to me. I’ve read them a dozen times and it’s all gobbly-gook. I’m impressed that you tackled this dress as your first project!

    1. Thank you! I hope you will have better luck than I did and come out with a beautiful dress:-) It is an impressive looking dress (from the Burda photos)^^
      I dove into the project without thinking about my own (non-existent) skill level, haha, and choosing to work with two types of silk (who knew that would add to the difficulty!) Now I think about it I think that I just had to sew everything with the right sides together… I am still not sure if I sewed the sleeves caps as I was supposed to though:-)

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