my garden – end of November

The garden is still alive and well even though its caretaker (me) has been using up too much time with sewing@_@


The past weekend was a long weekend in Tokyo, and it was so nice to spend some time at home admiring the garden in the afternoon sun (the light is the prettiest around 2pm here)

The red leaves are so pretty in the sun.



The violas are so vivid and beautiful! I especially love the orange one (I planted it with wire plant, I think it is a cute combination, no?)


The new planter box (stock and little white flowers which I don’t know the name of…) unfortunately the orange cosmos which was in there did not last:-(

The mint almost died when we went on vacation in August and I salvaged one branch – looks so healthy now:)


Still to come to the T&J garden… more plants! (I couldn’t resist:-)   Please come back for an update soon:)



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