the perfect Christmas present (for a baker)

I saw this in the Muji store, and it looks so funny I could not resist buying it…
Actually, I think if I had a baker on my Christmas present list, there could not be a more perfect gift!


It is a silicon mould, supposed to be for making “dorayaki” (Japanese pancake-consistency snack with sweetened red bean paste in the middle), or for “youkan” (Japanese sweetened red bean jelly).  As I did not know how to make either, I poured in my husband’s favorite “apfelkuchenmichl” batter (German apple cake)… and made this…


As the pattern is on the inside, the surface of the “cake” does not brown, hence it does not look very attractive yet looks quite funny…

My husband was still kind enough to eat them though:D I wonder what I should make with this mould next… any ideas for me?


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