my little garden in december – alive and thriving!

@ tokyo / around 2 – 9 degrees c

It has been awhile since my last garden update. Work has been busy and now I also have many sewing projects to keep me busy.. but that doesn’t mean that I have been neglecting my garden – in fact, last week I did a major year-end clean-up! (as major as it gets on that small balcony 🙂


I swept all the leaves which have blown in from the trees around and repotted all the plants that have outgrown their old habitat. For example, this plant… it is definitely looking more comfortable in a larger pot!


Here are the hanging ones… I love the “string of beads” plant which look like green peas! Can’t wait until it gets bigger.


The petunias are still in bloom (amazing, no?)


Some new comers to the “sunny table” (the area in the balcony with the most sunlight): garden cyclamens, and more pansies! (the pansy population is taking over the balcony! at least for the winter). Do you also see that the geraniums are in bloom as well? both the white and the pink one… I don’t know why, but mine seem to bloom only in the winter and not at all in the summer…



Here is the Vancouver Geranium, (almost) in camouflage with the red maple trees across the street 🙂


Here is one more look at my garden in December (from another angle):


aaaaaaand one last one (view from my husband’s work desk)… I know, I know…  now I am just showing off because I am so proud of the clean garden, hehe…


Thank you for viewing my garden:) Wishing you a Merry Christmas!


3 thoughts on “my little garden in december – alive and thriving!

  1. Beautiful! Nice temperature in Tokyo… here in Turin / Aosta we have -10°C in the night… definitively not good to keep plants outside! 😦
    Wishing you a happy new year!

    1. Happy New Year to you too! Yes, it is still relatively warm in Tokyo and many sunny days lately:) wow, -10 degrees sounds really cold@_@ I hope it gets warmer in Turin soon!

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