Hello Danielle!

Happy New Year everyone!

It feels like a great year already as I get the first 6 days of the year off work, hehe:)

My first finished project for the year… the famous Danielle from Burdastyle (free pattern and supposedly very simple to make, how could I resist?)


I used wool tweed which I had ordered for another project (“Burdastyle cowl dress”)

A tweed Danielle – actually I think the fitted form of Danielle looks good with tweed, except that you would need to line the dress as tweed is itchy, and that is where the problem started! I had no idea how to line and just made a replica of the dress with lining fabric (which turned out to be a good move:)


The next challenge was how to attach the lining – so much different advice on the internet. I was about to give up and throw the whole mess into the garbage (or hide it in the closet, haha). But just when I shoved it aside and decided to move on, guess what, I got “The Burdastyle Sewing Handbook” as a Christmas present! With the book’s advice I was able to tackle the lining problem (diagrams in the book made the instructions so much easier to understand 🙂

The second major roadblock were the sleeves.  I followed the pattern and made the balloon sleeves but they did not turn out to be my style. I then tried to make shorter puffy sleeves, but they also did not seem to suit to this tweed dress. Finally I followed hubby’s advice and made very simple sleeves, quite short and slanted – I am quite pleased with the results!


Don’t look too close ^^ still beginner level work (ihand-sewing the lining on the dress was especially difficult and as you can see here are some “puckers” here and there^^;


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