survivors of the first snow

This is my first update since my garden experienced snow for the first time, and sadly this time I cannot start my post with “my garden is doing well” like usual:(

What a difference the snow makes!  In my December garden update all the plants were surviving including the petunias which were still looking beautiful, but after the snow the pink petunias died. The purple ones still manage to hang on, although there is only one flower which looks healthy. I really hope it will make it past winter.. so close!

It seemed like not long ago that I was worrying there is not enough space and pots in the garden, and now there are quite a few empty pots.


The stock are the only ones which look really strong, and the pansies, of course!


I have yet to research on the reason, but after the snow the leaves seem to have a red tinge to it…

The geraniums were doing so well before the snow, and now it has just red leaves (already cut most of it before taking the picture). The ivy also seem to have a red tinge.


Of course, as there were some goodbyes, there are also some newcomers to the T&J garden:)


The first one I will introduce is the Japanese primrose (in the hanging basket) – it does not look too fresh because it took some time for me to transfer it from the nursery pot to the basket. I love the colour!


Then comes an arrangement of marguerite daisy, anemone, and primrose. So cute planted together! I did not read up on the water requirements but hope they will like “living” together.


The last one is a nemesia – still to flower. I hope I can show you some pictures of it in flowering state soon^^


One last introduction – daffodils from hubby^^


So here is the latest sun table. I look forward to adding more as Spring comes with more delights:D



6 thoughts on “survivors of the first snow

  1. You’re lucky you’ve weather which allows such pretty plants to be grown. You can even grow herbs and vegetables. Over here in Singapore, it’s not easy growing plants like petunias, daisies or pansies. Weather is too hot! And also blame the fact that I lack green fingers. I’m trying to grow flowering plants from seeds, mostly failures but still trying.

    1. yes, I think I am blessed with the weather in Tokyo as there are plenty of plants which grow in each season here. I haven’t been brave enough to try growing from seeds yet – good luck:) hope to see some updates about it when if you succeed

  2. I am so amazed that your plants survived the snow… It never snows here (I live in Sydney) the worst I get is lots of wind.

    Pansies are so strong against all weather, they look so pretty on your balcony!

    1. thank you! It snows only twice or three times a year in Tokyo and the weather rarely goes below zero so it is a good environment for plants. We are almost over the coldest part of the year so hopefully all plants continue to hold on for until spring:)

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