a dream for soy milk lovers?

A good way to gain visibility in the supermarket is to offer your product in a huge variety, of course:)


Not that Kibun soy milk (all the products with a drawing of the sun on the middle shelf as well as the first two products on the top right and the product on far right on bottom shelf) needs any additional recognition – in Japan this flavored soy milk is probably as much recognized as Coca Cola.  I just had to take a picture of this as I was so excited – as a fan of Kibun soymilk – I had never seen so many flavours (this was taken in another part of Tokyo from where I live)!

In case you are wondering… (and I am dying to list them! 🙂 the flavors are (from left to right) grilled sweet potatoes, sweetened red bean soup (a Japanese dessert), chestnut, annin (almond tofu – a Chinese dessert), strawberry, pudding (for some reason, the only ones on sale), yuzu (Japanese citrus fruit), almond, matcha green tea, cocoa, black sesame, milk tea, and wheat germ coffee, AAANDDD, on the top shelf… unprocessed (in cream color) and regular processed (in green)… and the large green box on the bottom shelf which is a large version of the regular processed.


I was very much, but I found out there are even more varieties upon visiting the Kibun website!

Fruit mix, banana, grapefruit (!?!) and vanilla ice-cream!!! wonder who made the choice at that supermarket to not stock vanilla ice-cream flavour…^^


2 thoughts on “a dream for soy milk lovers?

  1. Today I found ramune soda flavored Kibun. I’m guessing it’s a limited edition summer flavor. It’s waiting in my fridge for the right hot early summer afternoon.

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