Spring is here!

It’s getting warmer and warmer in Tokyo (17 degrees Celcius today to be exact). I can tell that my plants are getting out of the dormant stage and my balcony is starting to be lively again.  Planting season to begin!

For those who are following the fate of my petunias, one (the purple one) survived the winter and I saw a blooming flower today! Amazing that it survived snow and quite a cold winter at that. Let me post some pictures of it when there is more than one flower.

I will post an update of the entire garden once I have time to clean up a bit, but here is a small update to start. I bought some new plants to replace those which did not make it through the winter.  Look at the planter on the left with a new white petunia, primrose (in purple) and Pennyroyal (mint).  I just picked these up at my local plant store randomly, but upon doing some research, I found that Pennyroyal is useful for aromatherapy –  I can’t wait until it gets bigger!



I also got some new greens – pineapple mint, and an attractive ivy with large leaves, as well as sugar vine.  Looking at these greens is so relaxing – I think that I am going to get more once I have these planted 😀


Thank you for visiting my garden!


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