Spring planting and hanami (cherry blossom viewing)

Last weekend was the peak weekend for cherry blossom viewing in Tokyo. As per previous years, I go to the Meguro River to see the blossoms (and turn back pretty quickly as there is always large crowds). This is the first spring I spend in my new apartment/garden, and I am happy to report that we also have a cherry blossom view from our balcony!

I finally cleaned up the balcony and did some more spring planting.
The stock flowers which were the liveliest during the winter, were the first ones to go in the spring – it died due to a plant disease… I replaced it with several species (ivy, petunia, and Pennyroyal). I know that eventually all these space-demanding plants will require their own homes but I guess for now they should do fine together.
I also bought another pink flower (I don’t know the name but love its colour). As you can see it is very pink in the garden this year.
Speaking of pink, look at the Camella , it looks like it will flower very soon!
The herbs are starting to grow again! And the thyme and oregano turning green again! I am relieved as they turned red in the winter so I was not sure whether they would “recover” in spring.
The pansies are still flourishing – its delicate but strong flowers overflowing from the planter. I also got some “Forget Me Not” and planted it with the other small flowers which were already in the garden.
DSC_1609 DSC_1610
I should make the pepper pesticide spray again. Spring means growth – for the flowers and also for plant diseases!

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