Belladone, garden and various updates

hello readers!

What can be better than a weekend morning (waking up and not having to go to work)? …the morning of a day off on a weekday?!! Especially when it is sunny like it is in Tokyo today.

I had been slow on my blog updates because of work and some failed sewing projects, and I am happy to have this day off to finally post an update on this blog!

Well, where to start… since my last post I acquired many more sewing /craft books but more on that separately.

Let me start with my Belladone project – here it  is photographed in the garden:



For those of you who know this pattern by Deer & Doe, I am sure you will agree that it is a very agreeable pattern to work with. I love the style!
This is my second attempt, and it still didn’t turn out how I wanted, however (the material – soft linen – which I used was too see-through and did not give the dress the body it needs). Actually, I spent over a month on the Belladone project, with a total of 2 muslins and 2 actual projects… since the sizing is quite different from the Burdastyle sizes I was used to, the first one did not fit even after I made 2 muslins, and the material did not really hold up when I removed the zipper and tried to insert it again. (I guess I should stop being lazy and actually attach zippers to see actual fit when making the muslin).

Here is the first one (in gray double gauze with hot pink lining, plus some bias tape I made using leftover fabric from the sudoku dress:


Anyway, I became a little Belladone’d out so I will work on other projects before coming back to this pretty pattern.

You see my garden in the background has grown much more “wild” this year than last? Mostly due to lack of care on my part (distracted by sewing) but I quite prefer this over my groomed garden last year.




Again, the garden seemed to have grown much more lush after letting hubby take care of it when I was away on a business trip:-)  What is his secret??!

Though I was traveling for work, I did manage to sneak some minutes of shopping for sewing stuff while on the trip:)  the fabrics I probably could have gotten similar in Tokyo, they are a silk cotton (black) and a stiff cotton with a sheen (in green) which is an interesting texture. I think the black one will come in very handy for a nice top but I am not sure about the green.. a bright pencil skirt? I also picked up the latest Burdastyle magazine (June) and another magazine called Couture Boutique (which has La Mia Boutique patterns from the April 2013 issue).


So how will I spend my day off today? I have been very looking forward to starting this project:


The pattern is from Burda Easy SS2013 and the fabric is linen (stiffer than the one I used for the Belladone). I love this color and I think it will look cute with this simple pattern! I hope I hope it will turn out into something nice for this summer.

I will be snacking on a retro “menchikatsu-sando” (a deep-fried minced pork cutlet with mayonnaise sandwiched in freshly baked bread) while relaxing at home!! Yippee!!!


Speaking of retro, here is a find from the local second-hand store on one of our weekend walks – an antique children’s record cover (the record was missing so the shop owner gave it to us for free!!) isn’t it cute?DSC_1694

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


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