treasures from the secondhand store

My husband and I recently discovered we share a common interest for rummaging through secondhand stores.

Yesterday, we went to an area in western Tokyo called Nishiogikibo which is supposed to have a concentration of secondhand shops. It was so much fun! Following the advice of other websites, we got a map of the antique shops at the police box (Koban) outside the North Exit of JR Nishiogikubo Station and covered the entire area of the map on foot. It was a sunny day and it was just nice to walk around another part of Tokyo we would not usually go to.

Here is my “treasure find”, a haori (kimono jacket). It is beautiful as it is but when I saw this I thought I really want to turn this into a skirt!



I thought the best shops in Nishiogikubo were ” Heiwajima” and “Loupe” , but while the stuff is super nice, the shops in this area are already quite curated, considered “antique” and reflected in the price-tag as well.

We topped the visit off with a big bowl of ramen noodles – a specialty of this area!:-)

Here is another recent find, a big wooden lacquer box, perfect for my sewing stuff! This was a true find in a real (non-curated) junk shop!



Have you read “The Secret Garden” as a child? I came across a copy from 1961 in Japanese, and just couldn’t resist buying it!

Do you have a prized possession you found in a secondhand store?


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