geranium x laurel

Hello! another project done right in time for the summer!

This dress is made from the Laurel dress pattern from Colette. The geranium pink linen fabric was purchased to be made into something else which I changed my mind against making, then the fabric sat in the closet –  I wanted to use it to make something for this summer, and think that the Laurel pattern is perfect for it because it’s simple design lets the fabric (or rather colour of the fabric) speak.



here’s the “inspiration” – the geranium in my garden



As everyone who made it would probably agree, it is a delight and a breeze to make! Actually, it is my first time using a Colette pattern, and I wish I had started to learn sewing with a Colette pattern instead of diving directly into one meant for more experienced seamstresses (and use fraying silk for the first project! horror!). The Colette patterns do “teach” sewing skills as they say they would, and I am happy that through sewing the Laurel I learned to do some basic things such a inserting a sleeve, adding an underlining, properly for the first time!


I was undecided at first as to whether to add a lining or an underling (underlining suggested by pattern). In the end I chose the underlining and was so glad I did because I think the underlining really helps to hold down and tame the linen which has a tendency to crinkle. I also for the first time finished all seams with seam bindings using self-made bias tape. As per my last project, the inside of the dress is more exciting than the outside!

geranium7 geranium6 geranium4


Initially, I also wanted to add some special details to the dress (ie. small bows at the back…as inspired by this past project from Burdastyle Easy 2013 SS which I  abandoned…or pockets in the front… vintage buttons down the back, etc.). However, after making the basic dress up I decided to keep it simple. I can see it being worn with a clutch in one hand, a nice cool drink in the other:)

quick facts:

pattern: Colette “Laurel” in size 0

fabric:  linen on the outside, bemberg rayon on the inside

adjustments: Lengthened dress by +1 cm at armcysts, +3.75 at waist, +1.5 cm at hip – however, finally hemmed at 7.5cm above seam. Lengthened sleeve by +1 cm at armhole level. Bust darts lowered by 2 cm in total (+1 cm moved by lengthening dress at armcysts, and lowered additional 1 cm – perhaps lowered a little too much.)

On a last note here is how my garden is looking lately, very green! I love it!


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


18 thoughts on “geranium x laurel

  1. I have very similar pink geranium in my garden 🙂 This linen fabric you used is gorgeous, and you are right to keep it simple.. it’s a perfect dress for hot summer days!

  2. Your dress is as beautiful as a flower indeed, this colour and pure design go together so well! Love the pics of your garden too, it looks so lush in the sun 🙂

  3. I really like the lining around the inside of the neckline and the zipper. It just adds a very professional personal touch. So simple with a sweet surprise inside. Nicely done!

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