a sunny Canadian summer and my new knit top

I am happy to share my first knitwear with these pictures taken from the beautiful Vancouver! Though it is a short break I am very happy to be here- the weather is perfect and the food and company here likewise. knitA1 knitA2 The pattern is from “Spring and Summer Knitwear” by Kazuyo Nakamura and is quite easy and straight-forward to follow. However, it still took two months since it was the first time for me to knit anything other than a scarf. It was my first time to assemble a sweater, to reduce stitches at the neckline and to block. After I blocked the first time there was such a bad mildewy smell (since it took a long time to dry) that I washed it for a second time, but the mildewy smell worsened! Horror! It was not until I soaked it in vinegar, then in baking soda, then let it out to dry under the sun for hours that the smell subdued. Due to being washed three times already before wearing it, as you can see it is already a bit stretched out and uneven. But I LOVE IT! The yarn is a Japanese yarn which is a blend of silk, linen and rayon….. it is so soft and comfortable. These pictures were taken at a garden center – my mother took me to visit several garden centers – they are so beautiful and relaxing, and free admission! Also, fresh garden vegetables are sold there too -I wish similar gardens exist in Tokyo. knitA6 What a treat for the eyes! knitA7 Here is a picture of my mom’s garden – the inspiration for my little balcony garden:-) knitA10 Lastly, let me share some photos of this book! There are so many beautiful pieces I want to make. knitA11 knitA15 knitA16 knitA14 knitA12 Quick Facts: Pattern: #2 Lacey Sweater in “My Spring and Summer Knitwear” by Kazuyo Nakamura Yarn: Richmore Haze in #24 (light brown with light blue / 90m per 25 gram) 76% linen, 12% silk, 12% rayon Needle: Japanese #5 and #6 I hope everyone is enjoying a nice summer!

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 編み物(Ravelryパターン)へ


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