FEMALE Magazine – Autumn 2013

I am sure that many readers already know about this sewing magazine, but I cannot contain my excitement and have to share on my blog the latest issue of FEMALE!


There are several sewing magazines in Japan but this is my favorite one as I love the Tokyo Harajuku style of the clothing and the photoshoots. I think it is also quite popular with students majoring in Fashion Design in Japan as there are often contests on fashion / pattern design which are featured in the magazine.  The magazine comes out four times a year in time for the upcoming season.

Sometimes the style is too stylish(?) for me but I love this issue because there are so many fashionable wardrobe staple-type pieces in it. I want to make many of these items!

First comes some autumn trends – pencil skirts, flare skirts, jackets, sweat pants, hoodie dress (I LOVE this dress)!




There are some very cute jackets!

female2 female8

I don’t know if I will get around to it, but I would love to try to sew these… there is also a pattern for some room wear and a short night gown!


This is the pattern contest I mentioned. Don’t you think the sweatshirt with the opening in the back is interesting?


I love this magazine (did I mention this already? ^-^

This magazine is available at sew tokyo.


16 thoughts on “FEMALE Magazine – Autumn 2013

    1. Great to hear:) I’d love to see one of these items sewn up! (at my snail sewing pace, I don’t know when I would be able to see my first item sewn-up from the magazine…)

  1. I’m envious of all the lovely patterns that seem to be available in Japan – I’d make lots and lots of things from here. The shapes and colour patterns are very inspiring anyway, so thanks for sharing. (And thanks for the comment on my blog, I’m glad I found yours – subscribed!)

    1. Thank you for subscribing:D I really like your blog!
      I am glad to hear you like this magazine too – there are many patterns and it is hard to decide what to make first!

  2. Funny I just googled it and saw you’re selling copies on Etsy – I might have to buy it anyway and see if I can decipher any of it :)))

      1. Hi Katie, thank very much for purphasing from my etsy store!! yes, please do not hesitate to contact me regarding the instructions. I hope you will like enjoy sewing with the magazine:)

  3. Thanks for posting this! I bought the Spring/Summer issue and was waiting eagerly for the next issue to come out. I’m a beginner so the featured step by step instructions really help! The roomwear looks too cute!! 😀

    1. I am glad to hear you like this post! this issue is definitely a good one with many basic yet stylish items. I love the room wear as well.. wish I have more time so I can sew them all:)

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