2013 unselfish sewing project #1

日本語が英文の後に続きます。For my Japanese readers, please scroll down to read the blog in Japanese.

Hello, it has been awhile. I hope preparations for the holidays are coming along well for everyone.

In my case, this year I have had more time than usual to prepare for presents and had even made some hand-sewn ones.

I had promised my family hand-sewn items over the year but have yet to fulfil any of the promises (sorry guys…) I usually decide on what to sew quite spontaneously, which means I end up sewing items which are not on my to-sew list. Christmas is a good time for me to become less selfish and more organised, and finally I am happy to show something I made for someone other than myself!

Voila, a messenger bag for my 4-year old niece.





The selfish aunt trying on the new bag and thinking… hmm, should I keep it? (just kidding)



Actually, if I change the plastic D-rings to something more suitable for adults it would make a cute purse, no? Or should I keep this one…? (again, just kidding)

Dリングの部分を子供用のプラスチックのものではなく、もう少しおしゃれなものにすれば大人用のバッグとしてぴったりだね!やはりプレゼントにすることをやめようかな?と悩む人 ….(笑)


My favourite part of the bag is the inside: Japanese cotton canvas fabric with cows which I bought in Nippori.



Quick facts

Pattern: Bag #7 from Simple and Design Clothing for Girls and Boys
Adjustments: none
Fabric: Liberty cotton lawn in Betsy Ann / denim linen / pink linen for corners
Lining: Japanese cotton canvas in cow print

While we are on the topic of unselfish sewing, I remember the only other time I sewed an unselfish project was last Christmas, using the same book, when I made a dress for the niece who will get the messenger bag this year.


The book…


This is the dress I made last year. Isn’t it cute?



At that time, I had only just started sewing and was nervous about sewing something for a present. However, the instructions were clear and the construction was easy, yet the finished project looked quite good! That must have been the point when I gained confidence and started to promise others in my family I would sew something for them.


This green dress and matching bag is what I originally wanted to make for my niece this year – I love that neckline detailing.



I also love this shirt dress! But eventually I settled on making her the little messenger bag shown in the picture below.



Here are some other items I want to make for my niece and nephew, though by the time I get around to making them they may have become too old for the items in this book…





I think this little raincoat looks so cool!


Did you have better luck in finding time to fulfil hand-made present promises this year?


This book is available at sew tokyo.

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


7 thoughts on “2013 unselfish sewing project #1

  1. I love this bag, you did such a fabulous job on it. If I were you, I’d want to keep it too. I’m especially fond of the cow print on the inner lining.

    1. Thank you- very kind of you! I love the cow print too – thinking of making a version of the bag using that as the main fabric… to keep:-)

  2. Very cute and well done, you’ll have one happy niece! As for me-made presents I have limited my projects to a few people only so that I don’t have too much on my hands 🙂

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