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The other day I was in a sewing shop to pick up a zipper for my current project. I was careful to steer clear of the fabric section since I probably have a few years’ worth already, but I could not resist just walking down a few aisles of notions around where the zippers are… after all, a trip to crafts galore Yuzawaya in Ginza with 10% membership discount would not be done justice if I don’t even look… I ended up leaving with the zipper… and a bunch of useful notions… (happens to best of us at times, no?)



I bought this foot because I am working on a dress with thin slippery silk and the name of this foot in Japanese is “Presser foot for thin fabrics”. I tried to use it and it really works well! I wish I had owned this foot earlier or when I was sewing the outer shell of the dress! (by the time I bought this foot there is basically only the slippery Bemberg lining left to sew.) It is a sewing-life-changing discovery.



I tried to look up this foot up on my favourite book about sewing machine and related gadgets, “The Sewing Machine Classroom” by Charlene Phillips, but have not found any results… Does anyone know what this foot is called in English? According to the package, this “presser foot for thin fabrics” is suitable for sewing thin fabrics because the opening at the top for the needle is very small, so the shifting of fabrics in between each up and down of the needle is kept at a minimum.

この押えは英語で何っていうだろうと、知りたくて”The Sewing Machine Classroom“という本で調べてみたが、こういうのが載っていません。日本でしかないものかな?パッケージをみると、裏地に適している理由は、上の穴が小さいので縫うときは生地が引張られないからだそうです。


In my search for the name of this foot, I discovered an array of interesting looking feet in the book. Other than these “everyday” standard ones,



there are also these exotic-looking ones! How cool does that ruffler one look?! I hope one day I will have the chance to find it and try it:-) actually I hope the day comes that I can try all of these:-)



This book, a present from my hubby on one of his business trip, is amazing! I am always too impatient to read wordy instruction manuals and hence for a long time I did not know how to adjust the tension of my machine. However, this book with 160 pages has lots of photos like the ones above, which makes it fun to flip through and learn about sewing machines, its parts and things I could do with it to jazz up a project (ie. making special hems, ruffles, pin tucks, special buttonholes, etc.). I highly recommend it!

この”The Sewing Machine Classroom“という本は旦那が出張の際に買ってきてくれたが、とてもわかりやすくておすすめです。説明書を読むのが苦手でミシンを使えこなせてなかったが、この写真たっぷり載っている160ページもある本のおかげで少しミシンについて少し詳しくなったかなと思います。


I also bought a rolled hem foot for this dress I am working on, and can’t wait to try it! I don’t know why but these little discoveries make me very happy:-)

Are there any useful feet or other notion you recommend / think is nice to have?



にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


10 thoughts on “feet!

  1. Thanks a lot for this interesting post. I didn’t know about this presser foot, but I will certainly look for it when I get to my sewing store. It would be so useful for me! I know I might sound too curious, but are you working on the Anna dress right now? I’m in love with this dress since last summer (or so) and would like to try it for the coming spring…

    1. Thanks for your comment Hélène! I hope you can find this foot in the store. I am indeed making the Anna (short version) – still not finished as I am undecided on how much to hem. Good luck with yours, it is certainly a great pattern to work with:-)

  2. I want that foot! If you discover what it is called in English, do let me know. I actually own the ruffle foot and I can attest to it being pretty great so if you get a chance do try it – you won’t be disappointed.

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