bonjour Mélanie


This is my first finished project from the book Un été couture, by Géraldine of République du Chiffon. It is the Robe Mélanie.


I really love this dress because it is very much my style! Not too dressed up nor feminine, very simple but with a small detail. If you have seen other versions or own the book, you may have noticed that I moved the zipper to the back. I had made a muslin for it with the zipper at the front as per the original design, but in the end preferred it at and moved it to the back. The pattern was well-drafted and very easy to make up.




Speaking of République du Chiffon, I love the entire paper pattern collection, too! They all look so chic yet classic, I cannot wait to make them all up. Also, I have many projects planned from the Un été couture book, too… I definitely need a couple of jupes hôtesses for work. Since I now work in an office with a more rigid dress code than at my previous job, I cannot wear many of my previous makes to work and I need to adjust my sewing plans accordingly (ie. basic items in conservative colours) if I want them to be items I can wear on the weekdays. This is a little limiting sewing-wise (esp.  since I love Liberty prints and bright colours) but nonetheless I am looking forward to building a stylish me-made work wardrobe. I have even started a Pinterest board to collect ideas for my work wardrobe.




I made a S graded to M at the waist and added 9 cm in length. The material is a wonderful black linen oxford, which has a sheen and which is not see-through, so I opt for no lining (will wear with a slip instead).

Do you have many opportunities to wear your me-made pieces on weekdays/during the week?


République du ChiffonのRobe Mélanieを完成しました。このパターンが Un été coutureというフランス語の洋裁本の中に記載されているもので、簡単であっという間に作れました。同じデザイナーによる封筒に入っているタイプのパターンのシリーズもあり、フランスからの郵送料も含むと少しお値段が張りますが、全部作りたいな〜と思わせるほどかわいいデザインのものばかりです。でもまずはこの本の中に記載されている、シンプルでオフィスににぴったりのスカートなど他のパターンを作ってみようかな?

いまの職場は前の職場に比べてドレスコードがきびしいため、今まで作ったもののほとんどがオフィスに着れなくなった。生地の柄とかきれいな色でインスパイアされて洋服を作ることが多かったが、いまはオフィスにも着ていけそうなデザインと色であるかどうかも考慮して慎重に生地・パターンを選んでいます^^;  最近はPinterestを使ってまでオフィススタイルについて「研究」しているのです。




にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


11 thoughts on “bonjour Mélanie

  1. Superb! I love your idea to move the zipper to the back. In that marvelous book, there is another dress very similar (I don’t remember the name) with the zipper on the side and a row of buttons on the front. Your version in black is just perfect for any occasion.

    1. Thanks Hélène! I took a look at the book again to see the one you are mentioning – you are right, it is very nice and probably would make a great dress for work too in a different fabric. Added to my sewing list:-)

  2. Lovely dress! Classic, but with interesting details. I’ve been wanting to buy that book, but it doesn’t seem to be available in Canada. I love their new collection too! I can’t wait to see what else you make!

  3. I LOVE this dress! I have that book and have been trying to decide which pattern to make first. It never crossed my mind to make this one but shifting the zipper to the back – great idea! As for whether I get to wear my me-mades to work, I never used to because I had to wear a suit everyday, but starting on Monday I have a new job and the dress code is more casual so I can see I will be able to add me-mades to my daily wardrobe choices and I’m very happy about that,

    1. Thanks Andrea! I am happy you like it and like the idea of the zipper in the back:-) It is definitely getting worn a lot to work. I am very excited for you that you are starting a new job! And one you can wear more me-mades… sounds great already! I wish you all the best and look forward to reading your posts:-)

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