I did exactly what I said I would do in my previous post, make up some more Republique du Chiffon patterns! Two to be exact:-)

First, let me start with the more successful of the two, the top of the RDC Anne-Marie top and skirt set. I went quite crazy when I saw all those nice RDC patterns and could not decide what to make first, but a white simple top is always a good place to start and I wanted to wear it to work.



It is basically a woven t-shirt with buttons on both sides, very easy to make except for the hand-hemming. I like the boxy shape:-) I used a piece of white broadcloth which has been in my stash since last summer.


I lengthened by 2 cm. I can see it paired up with a slim pencil skirt (that is on the sewing list!) for work.

The pattern tells you to add a 1 cm seam allowance after tracing, and recommends seam finishing by surging or zig-zagging the edges, which is what I did. It is nice to have some basics in my closet, and I think I will wear it a bit!

*note: for me i couldn’t get the pattern pieces of the button placket and main t-shirt body – one of them, I forgot which, was 1-2 cm longer and I thought I made a mistake in tracing but was not sure where the error occurred.

Next, I made the Jupe Hotesse from the book Un Ete Couture. It is really a simple make, no frills, all the edges are finished by zig-zag stitching. The material I used is a cotton twill or garbardine which has a nice sheen. I was too lazy to add a lining and now I regret it since it clings when I walk. I originally made a muslin for the size my waist corresponds to, but it turned out too big so I went for a size smaller the S and added 1 cm to the length.



When I first finished the skirt I liked it because the material looked elegant and the shape so basic. But as I wore it to work and looked in the mirror, I found it was a shape not so flattering on me – the belly part is pretty roomy and tulip-y. Perhaps the style of this pattern is not supposed to be fitted but I think once I snap out of my laziness I will tinkle with it a bit to make it a bit more fitted.

Thanks for reading! On the sewing table currently is another RDC project:-) Almost the weekend! anything on your sewing table /knitting basket planned for this weekend:-) Happy Independence Day weekend for those in the US:-)


前回の記事で予告した通り、またRepublique du Chiffonのパターンを使って洋服を作りました!2点も作りました:-)

まずはその中から比較的に気に入ってる、RDC Anne-Marie top and skirt setのトップスから話しましょう。RDCからSS2014のパターンが出たとき、デザインがあまりにもかわいすぎてほぼのパターンを買いどちらから作ろうかと悩んでいたが、とりあえず仕事用のシンプルな白いトップスがほしくて、このパターンから始めたのです。

生地は昨年の夏に購入したC&Sの海のブロードです。身長にあわせてパターンに2センチの長さを加えました。形はTシャツに見えますが、両サイドにワイシャツの前のようにあきボタンがついています。このルースフィットで四角い形がかなり好きです:-) ペンシルスカートにあわせればオフィスシーンにもぴったりで、この夏はヘビロテしそう(笑)


次は、Un Ete Coutureという同じデザイナーによる本の中のJupe Hotesseを紹介します。こちらはとてもシンプルな形のスカートで、作り方も本当に簡単だった。生地は光沢のあるチノーパン用の生地を使いました。サイズは、ウエイストのサイズに合わせてサイズを選んだのですが、仮縫いのものが大きかったので、結局はSにして、1センチ長さを足しました。夏ですし、裏地を入れるのが面倒だったので、裏地なしのままに仕上がりましたが、静電気で足にくっ付いたりしますので裏地を付けておくべきだったと反省しています。


最後まで読んでくださってありがとうございます。もう週末すね〜 私のソーイングルームには、別のRDCのパターンが待っています(笑)皆さんは今週をどうお過ごしされる予定ですか。

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


11 thoughts on “basics

  1. I’m also fond of la République du Chiffon. Géraldine de Beauvais is such a great designer! The jupe hôtesse looks wonderful on you (despite what you said) and I love your boxy little white top. As for myself, I’ve made the Liliane top (with modifications) and I’m finishing the Mickaëlle dress this week-end… Looks like RDC is all over the sewing planet.

    1. Thanks for your compliments! and agree Géraldine de Beauvais is a great designer, her patterns are for clothes that I would really want to buy off the rack anyway if I was not sewing:-)the Liliane is a beautiful pattern and love the back of it, I hope you will get to wear it often. I also saw many inspiring versions of the Mickaëlle dress on the internet. Currently I have the Erika Top on my sewing table and also have Robe Marie lined up! ^^ between us we might make up all the patterns of the book one day, hehe.

  2. That top is pretty! I love the buttons going down the side…not complicated, but they add a “designers touch”.

    1. thank you:-) I love the buttons too (originally I was going to put some colourful vintage buttons on there, but since I was going to wear it for work I opt for the simple ones and am happy with my decision:-)

  3. The shirt with the buttons on the sides is so pretty! I really like the République du Chiffon patterns too but I think they would not work well with my body type so I haven’t tried to make one yet. But they are always very cleverly made and with unexpected details which I appreciate a lot. Your sewing projects are great also, I am happy to have discovered your blog 🙂 And thank you for your comment!

    1. Thank you for visiting my blog – I am honored! as I probably mentioned on your blog already, I am so happy I discovered it! I love your style and mix of modern and vintage:-) I like vintage patterns too a lot and collect them, but I am not patient enough to make them often. Republique du Chiffon patterns seem to all work out quite simply which is definitely a big plus for me:-)

  4. Hi, as a french sewer I have the pleasure to discover your blog and I’m glad to see that you enjoy Sewing RDC pattern which are very popular here. For me they have a real elegant and creative french touch, really bringing a new breath in the pattern world. Your projects are quite beautiful I will be a follower of your bog !

    1. thank you for looking up my blog so I can find yours – I am impressed by your makes and that you have made a new men’s pattern! I might need to add that to my to-sew list for my husband (once I get through sewing the classic shirt he is waiting for!) I love French patterns and the French touch, and look forward to reading about more of your makes!

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