life recently and COTTON FRIEND Autumn 2014

日本語は英文のあとに続きます。For my Japanese readers, Japanese text will follow the English.

It has been awhile since my last post and I quite missed updating this blog. Work is taking up a lot of my time these days. My job is enjoyable, but I hope to find a better balance to have more time to sew/knit and to work on this blog!

I had been working on two projects (another shirt for my husband, and a Republique du Chiffon Robe Marie from Un Ete Couture) but I could not stay on course to complete them. The former it was because the fabric shifted easily and the check patterns on the two fronts of the shirt ended up not matching, and with Robe Marie, I used a beautiful but delicate linen lawn, which combined with the difficulty of the pattern made for a sad fail:(  Oh well, now that it is coming to the end of the summer, I am looking forward to start making fall/winter items! I am almost finished making another shirt (this time in a good quality cotton chambray to save myself from check-matching:-), and I also cut the pattern for the Republique du Chiffon Veste Bernadette which is a Chanel-style jacket:-) so excited to get it done!! Another item I hope to work on soon is the Burdastyle Seamed Shift Dress 08/2014 #104B. So pretty!

My new work schedule has not discouraged me from spending time in the sewing book corner of bookshops in the free time I have. In fact, I think I have accumulated a lot of books over the last two months.


Here’s a peek at the latest issue of Cotton Friend. This is the first time I have really looked at this magazine, and I quite like this issue! It is different from FEMALE (by the same publisher and is currently no longer published) in that the style is more simple. My initial impression of the magazine (before I opened one finally) was that it was full of shapeless smocks, but I did find many items in there I like which attracted me to buy this issue.


cottonfriend092014_3 This checked shirt on the left-hand page is the first pattern which attracted me to buy the magazine. It will probably look nice in a crisp fabric for work as well.

cottonfriend092014_4I am a sucker for hoodie patterns:-)

cottonfriend092014_5The long jacket seems like a useful pattern to have, and I love the orangey ensemble! I don’t know if i have any use for it but I like the styling!!

cottonfriend092014_6This is one of the featured patterns – and it is turned into many different styles. I don’t dislike it at all:-) It is versatile like the Colette Laurel, which is actually one of the items I wear the most on weekends (I am thinking of making a black one to wear to work, perhaps with a belt).


cottonfriend092014_8Instructions for featured pattern (the top/dress above) comes with step by step instructions with photos!

cottonfriend092014_10 I like top #28 – those frill details add a nice touch!


I like #34 – kind of like a piece from A.P.C.:-) That shirt on #31 is cute too but it is RTW with no pattern included (the skirt, which is also very nice, is a pattern included with the magazine).



The hoodie again, this time in zip-up form! ^_^

Lastly, a good collection of cosmetic bags, pouches and purses which I would love to make for friends and family if I have the time! they all look so nice…





How lovely are these pin cushions and mini Le Creuset-like containers:-) heart-eyed…

cottonfriend092014_18I hope you enjoyed the review! Cotton Friend Autumn 2014 is available at sew tokyo.

Have you started sewing for Autumn yet or are you still working on summer items? (after seeing Cecili’s beautiful little white dress as well as Sarai’s white linen Laurel I am a little tempted to sway from my sewing plans and make my own Little White Dress before summer ends:-)



前回の記事を書いてから、旦那のためにシャツと自分のためにRepublique du Chiffon のRobe Marieの製作に励んでいたが、両方もうまく行かず失敗作で終わってしまった。まあ、もうすぐ秋なのでこれからは秋冬向けのアイテムに集中することにしました。

旦那のために秋冬用のシャンブレーシャツはもうすぐで完成、そして自分用のシャネル風ジャケット風ジャケット(型紙はRepublique Du ChiffonのVeste Bernadette)もいよいよ仮縫い作成のステージまでたどり着きました^_^ (身長があるので市販の型紙に「長さ」を足す作業がかなり時間がかかります。。。)時間があればBurdastyleのSeamed Shift Dress 08/2014 #104Bも素敵で作りたいなあ〜



にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


4 thoughts on “life recently and COTTON FRIEND Autumn 2014

  1. Thanks for this nice review. I really love the simple design of the polka dot tunic on the cover. In fact, I enjoy these japanese sewing books and magazines so much that I’m going back to learning japanese this fall. So sorry for your fail on robe Marie and you husband shirt. Can’t wait to see your take on the veste Bernadette.

    1. Thanks for your comment Hélène^^! It is exciting to hear you are going back to study Japanese:-) I hope you will enjoy it! I also can’t wait to finish the vest Bernadette:-)

  2. I love your new book, the designs are simple yet so stylish, I hope I’ll be able to buy it when I visit Japan again! It’s too bad that your last two projects didn’t work out but I’m sure the Bernadette jacket will look beautiful 🙂 And a big thank you for mentionning my white dress, but I hope I can see yours soon!

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