jump for joy jacket

日本語は英文の後に続きます。For Japanese readers, Japanese text will follow after the English.

Hello again, we had a lovely sunny weekend and I spent a lot of time out running errands. The temperature in Tokyo is perfect right now, just chilly enough for a trench coat and the air smells sweet of fragrant olives (osmanthus). I love this time of the year! What is even better, from September to December each year, there are one or two public holidays a month:-)

Getting back to sewing, I am very happy to show my Jump for Joy jacket! I don’t name every item I sew but I really jumped for joy when I finished this, hence the name:-)


It is Jacket O. (Veste O.) from the Japanese pattern book Casual Sweet Clothes which is already published in French as Exclusivement Feminin and now also in English! It was one of the first sewing books I bought and it is still my favourite.


This was a super quick sew!  The whole project from tracing pattern to finish took 1.5 days! I really love this book… the instructions are so detailed, and the details of each item make them look special yet are so easy to make. The items look very chic yet are also great for work. With this one, I think the flounces make it look special enough to wear to a dinner party yet is also suitable for the office.

The back view… awkward taking a picture of self facing the wall…but for the sake of documentation:-)


I did not make a muslin and went straight to business because I made a pattern from the same book before and know approximately how the Size 7 (XS) fit, and also know that the instructions would “hand-hold” me enough to not require a practice run. I did between Size 7 (XS) and Size 9 (XS) (by measurements I am definitely Size 9) but since I have narrow shoulders and since the jacket is not supposed to close anyway, I went with the 7.

I think it fits well! The only adjustment I did is to lengthen the pattern by 3 cm (I thought by adding 1 cm at the armhole level which translates to an added 2 cm for finished armhole might make them too big, but they are fine to me).

Actually, the dress inside is from the same book (Dress A)! This is the 4th item I made since I learned to sew, and still remains in my closet and still gets a lot of wear – though I had not much idea about sewing at the time, by following this book I was able to make this dress which I am still quite proud of today:-)

I am happy I can wear this to the office, too!



I used a cotton satin, which is what is recommended in the book, in very dark, almost black navy blue. I am so glad I did because the flounces turned out exactly like in the book!



I have gushed about the actual quality of the sewing patterns /styles in this book but let me also gush about the styling in the book. Though many Japanese sewing books have great aesthetics, this one tops it in my book! I love the juxtaposition – ie. skirt with sneakers, dressy jacket with jeans, etc… (heart!)




こんにちは。週末は東京が晴れて気分も上々でした〜 自転車で近所を走って用事を済まし、近くのお祭りを少し見に行ったりしたあと、お菓子を買い溜めてソーイングを開始しました!






にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


16 thoughts on “jump for joy jacket

  1. What a nice jacket, it’s a classic, elegant design but it’s also quite feminine and fun thanks to the ruffle and I think it goes really well with your other garments! I LOVE the denim version with the braided trim too, it’s so cool 🙂

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