Cotton Friend – Spring 2015

日本語は英文の後に続きます。For Japanese readers, please scroll down to the Japanese text which follows the English. I love Spring! and it is coming! and what Spring brings with it is a bunch of new releases for craft books and magazines:-) Can it get any better? The latest issue of Cotton Friend is here. Have I mentioned (probably yes, multiple times) how much I love this magazine? It is likely my favourite one so far as the pieces are simple to coordinate, simple to make and wearable:-) Let’s dive in! Spring colours on the cover makes me happy already:-) cottonfriendspring2015 The index tells you already there are a gazillion items to enjoy making. cottonfriendspring2015.2 cottonfriendspring2015.3 I quite like this tunic. I am not sure whether i would wear mine knotted up but I like it unknotted like in 02 below. 03 is a culotte skirt – cute! cottonfriendspring2015.32 05 Lovely bolero! I think this is a great pattern to have in the spring /summer – something to have around for layering. cottonfriendspring2015.4 Big bag… I don’t know if I will get around to making it but it’s pretty nice. cottonfriendspring2015.5 Spring colour sewing!  I am usually a plain-colour (and usually safe, monotone colour) person… but looking at these colours make me feel cheerful… Don’t you think the spring coat 09 is nice? cottonfriendspring2015.6 I really like 11 from the front – and depending on the fabric it looks like something that can be worn to the office as well! cottonfriendspring2015.7 As a lover of classic and basic shapes,13 and 14 appeal to me very much! cottonfriendspring2015.9 16 – we have the culotte skirt again – as you can see it looks like a skirt at the front but are actually culottes! cottonfriendspring2015.10 I like 20 for the weekend but also quite like 21 for work. If you wonder what 19 refers to – instructions on how to make the parasol! how cool! cottonfriendspring2015.11 Same patterns we have seen above already -but in different fabric – I like the mint-colored blouse and the yellow top. cottonfriendspring2015.14 If you have ever considered making your own canvas bag, I think you would be heart-eyed like I am right now:-) cottonfriendspring2015.15 Cute little bits with cute fabric. cottonfriendspring2015.17 Here we have the patterns already seen above made up with modifications to produce something quite different. I love the black and white dress! cottonfriendspring2015.18 Truthfully I am not a fan of the tie a knot at the front style, but I love this style of tying it in the back! Nice fabric too. 44 is great inspiration for how to use the piece of Jim Thompson Thai silk I splurged on in Bangkok 🙂 cottonfriendspring2015.19 cottonfriendspring2015.21 A whole section on making aprons. I love these cute accessories too! cottonfriendspring2015.25 Did I already mention how nice this book is for people who like to make bags? I hope I will have enough time (and remember this issue) to make at least one! cottonfriendspring2015.26cottonfriendspring2015.27cottonfriendspring2015.28 As usual with Cotton Friend, something for everyone… Christmas gifts? birthday presents? Slippers for the home? Hat for summer vacation? cottonfriendspring2015.30 cottonfriendspring2015.29 cottonfriendspring2015.31 I need more sewing time… (I know I have said that on multiple occasions, but it is so sad to think that there are so many nice patterns I will accumulate over time that I would not have time to sew…) On another note, I actually made up a top from a previous issue of Cotton Friend – I made a mistake (my fault) with the zipper hence it has become home-wear /unblogged, but the fit is quite good as well, without any modifications, which is rare for me even with Indie patterns. I like the Female magazine which was published by the same publisher, but these days I like this one even more, and it’s too bad I did not discover it until last year. Have you started sewing for Spring? Cotton Friend Spring 2015 is available at Sew Tokyo.




ちなみに、実を言うと洋裁雑誌に載っているパターンだから、作り方の丁寧な説明やシルエット(サイズ)をそんなに期待しなかったですが、昨年購入した冬号の中のアイテムを作ってみたら、パターンを補正を全くしなくてもサイズがぴったりだったのでびっくりした。細かいサイズ展開のあるIndie patterns (個人のデザイナーさんが出しているパターン)よりサイズがあってるような気がするので、これからはさらに活用したいと思います。


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