A new addition to the team – “Riccar-Bernina”

日本語は英文の後に続きます。For my Japanese readers, please scroll down to read the post in Japanese.

Introducing a new member to my sewing room – spoiler: it is actually a BERNINA! I had the fortune to be invited to a home party last month hosted by friends of my husband – one of whom is a design graduate who designs and sews clothes for her private clients!  Knowing that I am dying to know, my husband started a conversation on which sewing machines the designer would recommend, and as a result I got to see the machines used by someone “in the trade” what a treat! riccar3 The friend had a Juki industrial as her main machine, a Babylock serger (now I am convinced I need one too:-) Most interestingly, she also showed me her Riccar sewing machine – which she purchased via online auction and which she uses to sew armholes and thicker materials like denim which does not work well on the industrial machine. I had never heard of Riccar before but somehow I thought I heard her mention “Bernina” several times in the same conversation… Fully intrigued, I made a beeline to the computer once we got home, did some research on the Riccar – Bernina connection, found an online auction, and after two days of bidding, I got my very own Riccar Holidaynu 1240 – which is purely Bernina inside, but marketed and sold in Japan under a brand called Riccar (now no longer existing) in the 80s and 90s. The RICCAR Holidaynu 1240, according to Google, was manufactured in 1990 and the retail price back then according to Google is 270,000 JPY (2,300 USD)! I got it for much less, of course. The power of this machine is amazing! It goes through layers of fabric as if I was just sewing a piece of cotton lawn (very smooth and quiet)! I had never considered buying a Bernina due to the high price and because I love my reliable Janome CK-1100 which does everything I need well – but now I can see why people buy Berninas… and I have since then caught myself window shopping several times on the Bernina website, looking at the new Bernina machines that seem to do very cool things like cutwork! I also find myself looking with some envy at Julie and her Swiss intern “Karl”^^ Anyway, back to my Riccar Holidaynu 1240, not only is the machine an actual Bernina, the parts are all Bernina as well! I love the feet (though I have only used the standard “0” foot so far…) riccar5 I think it is so neat that everything fits into this little “toolbox” 🙂 (completely heart-eyed!) riccar18 Here’s a picture of the back of the machine – you see that little toolbox fits neatly in there as part of the machine? what a great design… ricccar8 Other than many decorative stitches which will come in handy, the machine does alphabets as well as Japanese “hiragana” characters! I am so excited! Although these stitches would probably not be an option I would look for/pay for when buying a new machine, they are nice to have!  I can picture personalised Christmas presents:-) riccar17 Here’s another heart-eye fact: the whole machine, the foot controller, the extension table, instruction manual, the knee-lift, etc. all fit into the this box! riccar16 riccar11 riccar13 And the compact arm is great for sewing sleeves indeed! riccar14 Bernina (still heart-eyed) riccar15

Have you ever acquired a sewing machine via e-bay (net auction) or something like craigslist? How is/was your experience with the machine?




食事を終わった頃に早速…「ミシンとかロックミシンはどこのを使っていますか。」と気を利かせてその奥さんに聞いてくれた私の主人…ありがたいですね^^ JUKIの業務用とベビーロックを早速見せてくれました。私もずっとベビーロックが欲しかったからそろそろ買おうかな^^ もう1台見せてくれたのは、オークションで落札した、丈夫で業務用があまり得意じゃないデニムなど分厚い生地を縫うときに使っているミシンです。フットコントローラーとミシンがコンパクトに付属品のキャリーケースに収納できる、リッカーという聞いたことのないメーカーのミシンでした。会話の中に「ベルニナ」とその奥さんが何度も言ったので、ベルニナとこのミシンでどういう関係があるのか気になって家に帰ったら早速調べてみました。






また家に来て1ヶ月弱ですが、既に大活躍しているリッカー・ベルニナくん♪ 次回はこのミシンで作ったものについて記事を書きたいと思います。


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ
にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ


7 thoughts on “A new addition to the team – “Riccar-Bernina”

  1. Wow, that looks very impressive! I am working with a pretty standard household sewing machine – nothing too fancy but very reliable – but I can certainly understand the appeal of specialized machines. Hope you will have lot’s of fun with your new toy 🙂

  2. The neat hard case and box for feet remind me of my mum’s old Bernina – it’s just the same. Hope you love your new machine!

    1. It’s a nice coincidence you also had this same machine in your family! I was trying to figure out whether it was a model only made for Riccar in Japan or not. It’s great machine and I am as in love as I can be with a machine:-) I am amazed at how fast and quiet it is!

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