Boat-Neck Top and a Review

日本語は英文の後に続きます。Please scroll down to read this post in Japanese.

Hello, I hope you are having a good week so far:-) I am back with one of things I made with my new (old) machine.  I am so in love with this top! cleanandnatural3 During the year end of 2014, I tried to make a blazer for work, using 3 other books on jacket-making to aid me with deciphering the instructions on the original pattern, and came so close to having a lined, collared jacket (all that was left to do was finish the lined vent and add buttons)! But it was too big, and looked quite shabby everywhere due to my inexperience with making a tailored jacket with “rolled collar”. Finally, my husband convinced me to give up by buying me a blazer for Christmas:-) After that experience, I sure wanted to make something fast and with guaranteed success! This is “F – Boat Neck Pullover” from the Japanese sewing book Clean and Natural by Tomomi Okawa. I actually got the book when it came out last Spring, but at first glance, I was not sure whether I would wear these loose-fitting styles (though I love the top on the cover) so I did not get around to making anything from it last year. It was actually from looking at makes from other bloggers, like this blouse by Lizzy at Sew Buzy Lizzy, that convinced me that while the tops are more loose-fitting than what I am used to wearing, the silhouette is quite flattering. cleanandnatural7 I made it in a Size S with no changes except for adding the usual 2 cm to the length, with a beautiful deep purple-coloured Japanese linen. This linen is something to talk about, too! It is very smooth in texture, not like the linen with the rougher texture I was used to working with. I love it so much that I went back and bought more (in another colour) for another make – stayed tuned for that:-)

As always, a view from the back…sorry, the bad ironing job:-(


I love boat-necks! They are so flattering and add such a nice touch – I feel so happy wearing it at work! It also looks okay tucked into a skirt. cleanandnatural5


cleanandnatural6 Tah-dah! and here is a review of “Clean and Natural”.  Many bloggers already wrote about it, but these are my favourites from this book. The instructions have diagrams and were very easy to follow. cleanandnatural8

I am planning to make this top on the left, in a white lace like in the book. Can’t wait! cleanandnatural9

I think this dress in blue is quite nice too! cleanandnatural10 My favourite page – the boat-neck top on the right is the one I made. I like the top on the left a lot too, though the elasticated waist is making me sit on the fence about it. cleanandnatural11 I also love these two styles! The one on the right is especially intriguing to me – it is so pretty but the instructions has the collar left just “raw”! I want to make it but I am still trying to get around what I can do about making the collar not fray…(i.e. turning the fabric under… or using a knit material…)? If you have any ideas, I would love to hear them! cleanandnatural12

I was not so sure about this dress at first, but styled correctly it can look very fashionable! cleanandnatural15

The kimono top… so simple but so pretty:-) cleanandnatural18

There are also patterns for skirts and pants with elasticated waists. cleanandnatural20

I love this style so much – it makes me wish I can wear something like this to work! cleanandnatural24 Again, heart-eyed about both styles… the kimono top is the same as the one above but made in a different color/fabric it looks different. cleanandnatural26

This compact coat would be very useful now, while we are waiting for trench coat weather to come 🙂 cleanandnatural27 This is also on my to-sew list as well! The neckline is very interesting – it is actually a rounded neck line turning into V. cleanandnatural29 Are you in love with this book as much as I am? Which pattern (if any) do you like best?

Clean and Natural is available at Sew Tokyo.





このパターンを選んで大正解でした!説明もわかりやすくて、あっという間に縫い上げました。生地も、クールクラッシュリネンというふわふわで気持ちいいリネンを使って大満足:-) 色違いのも買ったので近々その色違いで作ったものを披露させてください。



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10 thoughts on “Boat-Neck Top and a Review

  1. Lovely top. I love this book, so many gorgeous things.
    I’ve come to love loose tops, I think they look fabulous with fitted skirts/pants or skinny jeans.
    Top Notch has made the top with the elastic in the waist twice & loves it. So many of these patterns are on my ‘must make’ list, and I think first will be the kimono top.
    Although perhaps that gorgeous hooded jacket will make it’s way into my wardrobe this winter… it’s the reason I bought the book.

    1. Thanks Lizzy for inspiring me to re-discover this book! I also have so many things I want to make from it… the hooded jacket is super cute – I hope you will make it! 🙂 I think I am starting to love loose tops too so there will be more to come… Thanks for telling me about Top Notch too – I am more set on trying the top with elastic waist now!

  2. It’s such a pretty top and it looks great on you! I had the same issues making a blazer, I worked on it for ages and got all these books but the end result is crumpled up in a cupboard somewhere, as it just did not look good 😦

    1. Thank you:-)
      It is sad when we spend so much time on making something and it turns out wrong, isn’t it? I wish us both better luck with our next try! (now that we have the experience from the last blazer under our sleeves:-)

  3. Your top looks great, and it’s such a classic style! I love Japanese pattern books, though usually the largest size doesn’t fit middle-aged women like me with European bodies and U.S. appetites. Those patterns look like they would be easy to make larger, though.

    1. Thank you:-) I think the styles in this book will look great on you!
      I love the classic feel about this top as well. Like most of the patterns in the book, this one only had a few pattern pieces (3, I think, plus a self-drafted piece for binding the edges), making them quite easy to modify (I also modified the length quite easily).

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