Jacquard Knit Top & Review of Kana’s Standard

日本語が英文の後に続きます。(The post in Japanese will follow below.)

We interrupt our quilting program with a new post!

Yes, I am currently trying my hand at quilting right now:-)  To be precise, a quilted jacket, but more on that later!

Today I want to show a top I made a few weeks ago for work, when it was still chilly.


The pattern came from the Winter 2014 issue of Cotton Friend. It is actually the second time I made this. The first time, I installed a zipper on the top part of the back, as called for by the pattern, and not only was it not necessary (I can put it on without the zipper) but it didn’t look nice/I screwed it up a bit being my first time to sew with a knit fabric, so that top was added to my PJ collection.


Given the large number of patterns I still want to make, I might not have gone back to make this pattern again, had it not been for my husband who keeps saying he thinks that the top looks very cool (we have been married long enough now that I know he’s not saying it just to be nice:-)

So here comes version #2, in Size M, zipper taken out from back, in a cotton/lyocell jacquard knit fabric. The fabric is lighter in weight than the wool I used for the first version, so it is a bit different than what has now become my PJ top, but the drop-shoulder silhouette is the same. I love this shape, I think it is the perfect solution for not having to worry about the fit of the shoulders!


Post 3 of 3 of my standing-on-my-bathmat series…  Hopefully I can take some pictures outside as the weather has gotten warmer!


I love knitted tops! They make me feel like I am in my PJs the whole day when I wear them to work^^ When I first started sewing, knitted tops were not on my priority list – I thought I should solely focus on making items which would be expensive to buy (i.e. dresses… trousers…) But now I see handmade knitted tops are the best! I definitely love this much more than my store-bought ones:-)


This fabric is a delicate charcoal grey jacquard knit – so pretty:-)


Moving on, in my last post on my “blouse laitue“, I said I will share more on a newly released Japanese sewing book, Kana’s Standard, from which I got my blouse laitue pattern. The book releases this year have really been great, and this one is no exception! Kana Sato is a popular Japanese fashion stylist working with magazines, etc.. with sewing as a hobby:-)

Here are some of my favourites from the book, which basically has a few patterns, which are adjusted to make a whole repertory to fill one’s wardrobe.



The yellow-green blouse intrigues me because it uses the same pattern as the one pink one on the cover, but look how adding the black lace makes it look quite different? I want to give this version a try too!


To some this dress may look quite baggy, but I quite like it and like the way she styled it with sneakers (the model is the designer/stylist Kana herself:-)


After each “section” or main pattern, she adds a section of how she would style those items, which is quite cool!


Next is the pant section. I love the suspender pants…(and the styling of the whole book!)



Skirt section.  I am not a fan of elasticated waists, but I am very intrigued by this half elasticated waist (it looks like a regular non-elasticated waist band at the front), and think I am sold on the idea. I especially like the striped skirt.


kana15 kana16

I like it how just with little changes to the patterns/fabrics, you can come out with so many skirts. I would love to give this little black taffeta skirt a try.


The last section is on “gowns” (light jackets). I am intrigued by the blue wool one… could look like a sleeping robe, but could also look very fashionable:-)


Do you like any of the items?

Kana’s Standard is available at Sew Tokyo.






シンプルだけど、繊細のジャカードが可憐でとても気に入っています。さらにニットだから着心地もふわふわで最高! 控え目の色だから職場に着てもセーフなので、かなりヘビロテしています^^

この春は素敵な洋裁本が相次いで発売されましたね!レタスブラウスの記事でちょっと話した佐藤かなさんのKana’s Standardの中の作りたいアイテムを上記でリストアップしました(時間が倍ぐらいあっても足りないかも…汗)その中、みなさんのお気に入りアイテムがありましたか。


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ


13 thoughts on “Jacquard Knit Top & Review of Kana’s Standard

  1. Your knit top looks vraiment cool, especially with fitted jeans. In my opinion, the most interesting piece of this book might be the blouse on the cover, which you interpreted as your “lettuce” blouse. The suspender pants also are very interesting. I imagine them for winter time in some grey wool fabric, paired with a striped knit fot a bit of a boyish French look.

  2. They’re very cute patterns, and such a good value purchase. I like the styling ideas page too but I think she looks a bit swamped in some of the garments – I like how you’ve styled yours with a fitted bottom to balance it out. Your knit top is great, and I know it can get very addictive making them once you’ve found a pattern you love – I have so many now….

  3. You’re top looks lovely! You have such a great style: cool and sophisticated!

    I love the pink elasticated skirt – I’m a sucker for bright colours. 😀 I also think the dress looks very nice and would probably be amazingly comfortable to wear!

  4. Your top looks so chic and cozy at the same time!
    I really like white gown/jacket in the last picture! I really like the styling in this book, I love baggy clothes that still look stylish

  5. I love your knit top, it looks beautiful and it’s a perfect style for your delicate figure 🙂 And now I need to buy that Kana’s Standard book!

    1. Thank you, Cecili! Oh I hope you will get and make some items from this book, I’d love to see your version of them! Although I am sure with your drafting skills you can draft many of these patterns:-)

  6. I won this book in a giveaway & am making up the cover top – probably minus the sleeve frills. I love the white trousers & am also rather fascinated by the jackets!

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