Hirameki Jacket

日本語は英文の後に続きます。Please scroll down for the post in Japanese.


Hello, I hope you had a great week!

I am so excited to write about this jacket!
I was in Okadaya (5-storey fabric shop in Tokyo) and though I didn’t need any more fabric, I saw this very nice yellow and white striped delicate linen – it was smooth, thin, and expensive at over USD$30 per metre. I love this color combination (this particular shade of yellow is probably my favourite color), and though I didn’t know what I wanted to make with it, I couldn’t leave the shop without it, so I purchased 1.5 meters, thinking it’d make a really nice top.

But… it was such a precious fabric that once I had it, I wanted to maximise its “value”, so I thought about making a dress (which would have probably been nice too)… then I remembered the Michelle jacket pattern by Republique du Chiffon I had, which I always wanted to try!  The picture on the pattern envelope also was also of a striped version! and I had enough of this fabric to make it! That’s when the “hirameki” (Aha! Eureka! moment) hit:-)


GWの前に新宿のオカダヤに行ってきました。「ウィンドーショッピング」のつもりで行ったが(何か買わないと気が済まないとわかってたくせに^^)この素敵なリネンの生地と出会っちゃった!私の一番好きな少し薄い黄色、さらにリネン生地では少しめずらしいストライプ柄。。。1メートル3000円以上するから、買うべきかどうか迷っていたが、やっぱりどうしても欲しくなって、パターンも何も決まってないのにとりあえず1.5メートルを買って帰りました。簡単なトップスにするつもりだったが、ちょっともったいない気がして、ワンピース?も考えたが、席を立つときのシワシワ(リネンだから)が気になって。。。それで、前から持っているフランスの型紙ブランドRepublique du Chiffon のMichelleジャケットなら行けるんじゃない?と突然ひらめいた。1.5メートルでちょうどよかった^^


I did some research on which size I should make. I think I am a size 36 in Republique du Chiffon sizing, but I thought the previous Bernadette jacket I made – even though I made it in Size 34 – looked a bit big especially in the shoulders. After reading this post on Annie Coton’s wonderful blog, though, I was convinced that this jacket is supposed to have an oversized, boyfriend’s jacket look, and went with Size 36.

サイズ選びで迷っていました。自分のサイズとパターンのサイズ表を照らしあわせたら、私はサイズ36であることに間違えないですが、以前作った同ブランドのジャケット(Bernadette)は、一個下のサイズ34で作ったにもかかわらず肩あたりのゆっとり感が少しありすぎて気になっていた。でも、Annie Cotonさんがアップした素敵なジャケットの写真と記事をみて、やっぱりこのジャケットはオーバーサイズのボイフレンドスタイルジャケットとして羽織ったほうがカッコいいと確信して、サイズ36にしました。


I added my usual 2 cm to lengthen it. I followed the instructions in the instruction booklet and everything was smooth sailing, until it was time to turn the lined jacket inside out near the end. I was stuck, but luckily Géraldine, Republique du Chiffon’s designer, has a very useful step-by-step tutorial on her blog, which I referred to in order to get unstuck:-)

The linen is very thin, so I interfaced the front pieces as well as all the facings and pockets, and reinforced the areas to which the pockets were to be mounted as well (my failed jacket project did teach me with some jacket making know-how, though I never had an end-product to wear:-) The lining had to be white, I thought (because the linen was so thin and see-through) and I had that in the stash (I love it when that happens!) As you can see in the picture above it is still a bit see-through once lined (you can see the folds in the lining) but oh well, it doesn’t really bother me.




I love it!! I know, I say that about all my me-mades, but I feel stylish when I wear this! I am wearing my handmade lacey knit top underneath:-)



It is comfy, too, and will be useful in the summer for wearing in chilly air-conditioned places as well.



The stripe matching was a bit nerve-wrecking and stressful, but well worth it!





Thank you for reading until the end and I wish you a great weekend!
Have you had any hirameki (Eureka!) moments with your sewing recently?



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18 thoughts on “Hirameki Jacket

  1. What a superb summer jacket you got there! The sorbet-like colour looks wonderful. Plus, you perfectly matched the stripes on the sides and on the pockets. Great, great work!

  2. it was sooo pretty., you got your moneys worth with the jacket., and i wish we alsi have a 5 story fabric shop here., my wallet would surely hate me.,

  3. Beautiful and fun. Such a lovely piece to wear for spring and summer. You’ve done a lovely job! My favourite Eureka pieces have been a denim shift dress and a vintage skirt pattern in rayon – worn to death and always feel fab in them!

    1. Thank you, Sarah! Yes, I will definitely get a lot of wear out of this until autumn. I love your denim shift dress, the pockets look unique and very chic!! The skirt also is very nice, it’s no wonder you want to wear them often:-)

  4. This jacket looks just perfect for lush spring/summer days 🙂 I really like linen a lot but I am always a bit hesitant to sew with it because I don’t like creases at all. But your fabric looks as if it doesn’t crinkle at all?

    1. Thank you for your kind comment:-) I think adding a lining really helps the linen behave and not wrinkle so much, and you are right, this linen seems to wrinkle less than other ones I have worked with, maybe because it is very soft^^

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