Dear Mother’s Girlhood Jacket

日本語が英文の後に続きます。The post in Japanese will follow after the English.

Hello. It’s been awhile! I missed sewing and blogging about sewing, so I am happy I finally have time again to sit down and write about this jacket. Ever since I saw LaPetiteMaisonCouture’s quilted Bernadette, I was in love and wanted one for myself. I recently saw some Nani Iro fabric which was already pre-quilted and thought it was the perfect answer to my laziness to quilt, but I found that all but one (sold out) type of Nani-Iro quilt fabric has the quilt lines running vertically, and I had wanted mine with a horizontal or diamond quilt pattern. mothersday5 Then came Mother’s Day and I thought my Mom, who loves Chanel-style jackets, would probably like a quilted jacket as well:-) So after having her choose from several Nani Iro fabrics, she chose this one and off we go! (I did not give my Mom the names of the fabrics she was choosing from but she happened to have chosen this fabric, which is called “Dear Mother’s Girlhood” –  I thought it was quite appropriate for the occasion:-) mothersday3 Worn with my Belladone dress which is still a favourite:-) I used République du Chiffon’s Bernadette pattern, and made a straight size 36 without any adjustments. I had previously made one for myself in Size 34 and thought it was a bit large at the shoulders, but this one seems to fit better! Maybe it is because this pattern is drafted as a quilted jacket (the picture on the envelope is a quilted version). Mothersday1 What can I say… I like the result a lot! I got to make one for myself when it gets cooler. The pattern itself was a breeze to make up. The most difficult part was deciding on the pattern placement (there are so many beautiful colors and flowers on this fabric and I wanted to make sure I get many of them on the jacket. mothersday8 To get the fabric to stick to the batting, I used a liquid fusible in between which, after applying heat by iron, made the two layers stick together. I cut the batting larger than the fabric, and trimmed after quilting each piece. The quilting was time-consuming and it was not my favourite part, but at least quilting just horizontally is not as difficult as diamond quilting (which I did in my first attempt of this jacket… more on that perhaps another day^^:) mothersday10 For this jacket, I used some very nice all-cotton batting from a cotton store that makes futons – it is fluffier and looks like it is of higher quality than craft batting, but it was basically like a big wad of fluffy natural cotton (like the kind used for make-up removal or bandaging) – and fluffy meant not easy to work with. I love the softness it brings to the finished jacket, though:-) mothersday13 How often do we get to see the raw inside of a quilted jacket?

I just marked the lines 3 cm apart with tailor’s chalk and quilted using a walking foot. I have a tool called “quilting bar” (a long metal stick) which came with my sewing machine – and it looks like I could use that – but I am not sure how to use it as it kept falling off when I tried (will read the machine’s instruction booklet next time I quilt^^;)mothersday14 mothersday15 mothersday16 I made sure I matched the back seams perfectly. mothersday17 So that’s all for now. Have you tried quilting and if you did have you succeeded in just using the quilting bar (instead of marking the lines)?

Thanks for reading. I wish you a great weekend:-)





NaniIroのHPからいくつか生地の候補(画像)をピックアップして母に生地を選んでもらったら、偶然にも”Dear Mother’s Girlhood”というぴったりのネーミングの生地を選んだ^^カラフルで素敵な花模様がなるべく多く入るよう、パターンの配置にたっぷり時間をかけて決め決めました。



肝心のパターンは、以前使ったことがある、Republique du ChiffonのBernadetteです。前回はサイズ34を作り、肩幅がありすぎたことに気になったが、今回は母のサイズ(36)にしたので、さらに大きくなるのかなぁと思ったら、キルティングした生地が厚みがあるからか、意外と肩幅に違和感を感じなかった。


にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 洋服(洋裁)へ

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ ソーイング(縫い物)へ


8 thoughts on “Dear Mother’s Girlhood Jacket

  1. Looks wonderful. I’ve never quilted – I don’t have a walking foot and I know there’d be terrible shiftiness with my machine…. Beautiful pattern. It’s such a timeless style.

    1. Thank you 🙂 yes, this pattern is so versatile…I already have some more versions in mind!
      I started out using a regular foot and quilted a bit, until I remembered I own a walking foot – to my surprise i didn’t really notice too much difference. I guess because I was using thread of similar color as the fabric, so a bit of shiftiness would not have been noticeable anyway:-)

  2. What a pretty jacket! I am very eager to try this technique as well. Quilting always struck me as a bit boring, but I really like the quilted jackets and skirts that became fashionable in the last two years and I guess I will have a take at this soon. The fabric that you used looks so nice with the padding.

    1. Thanks a lot! Like you, I also thought quilting was boring and takes a lot of patience… and it does! But in the end it was worth it and I’d probably do it again:-) I hope you will try as I would love to see the result.

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