Have you ever altered pants/shorts?


Hello, I am back again!

I guess it would be all too good to be true if I love all the projects I make, so today I am here to show something I am not crazy about. I made both the top and the Bermuda shorts in this outfit. Both the patterns came from my new favourite sewing book Aoi Koda’s Pattern Lesson, which I talked a bit about in my previous post (the top is made using the same pattern as in my previous post).

I love the top, but the shorts… I am a bit disappointed with them.






They are a bit too baggy.  I made a size 9 graded to size 11 at the waist as per my measurements, but they seem too roomy. The shorts look very chic and tailored on the model, but perhaps it is because of the soft fabric I used, and the fact that the shorts are sliding down a bit hence making them look longer than they should be, but something looks off.





The shorts pattern (Lesson 2-F in the book) is for a zipper fly short, pleated at the front, with elastic at the back waistband, and side pockets. The instructions were very clear and I was sure I was going to have no problem, so I didn’t make a muslin.


The top (Lesson 1a) in the book is made with linen jersey (yay!)



I really really like linen jersey:-)  Matching the stripes was difficult, though, because the fabric is slippery and stretchy.




Here is what the shorts look like from the front. I am so proud of the construction!



The elasticated back waist band. I thought about shortening the elastic so that the back would be tighter, but think it would result in unwanted bunching/ballooning at the back, so I left it for now.



The front fly looks much, much better than my first attempt at a fly front.


summeroutfit15Useful pockets included.



Thank you for enduring my whining about these shorts. I would really like to make them nicer to showcase the lovely fabric (a soft linen) better. In terms of making the fit better, I am thinking either of taking width in from the sides, or alternatively, making the pleats bigger at the front, and taking width in from the centre seam at the back. Since there are pockets on the sides, either of the methods would be difficult… maybe I will just soak it in very hot water in hopes it shrinks, haha😃  The length will probably be better once I take in the waist and it sits better at the waist.

Have you ever altered a pair of shorts/pants? If you have any advice on how to make these shorts better, I would really love to hear! Thank you for reading^^



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4 thoughts on “Have you ever altered pants/shorts?

  1. Oh I’m no help I’m afraid when fitting trousers. I’ve made a few pairs, but am quite clueless when it comes to improving fit. It looks like from the back photos you have diagonal drag lines going from the inside back of knees to the bottom of the pockets which is peculiar. they might look cute rolled up a bit shorter – sometimes baggier shorts can look ok if they’re short….

    1. Thanks for your input! I have no idea why those lines run diagonal like that – secretly I am blaming the elasticated waistband which I was not so sure about from the start, haha. I tried to roll them up just now, and they do look a bit better after rolling a bit, but starts to look poofy/diaper-like after a folding over a few times^^; I think I will sit on them for awhile until I can muster up enough patience to re-do.
      PS Great post on your cardigan – reminded me to use one of those linen jerseys I have accumulated to make one:-)

  2. Great construction! Fly fronts are not easy. Looking at the back view it looks to me like the crotch depth and crotch curve are not quite right for you. Perhaps too long in the crotch and also the seam doesn’t curve under your butt but poofs out a little. I would alter the crotch curve to better scoop under the butt. There does seem to be a little too much ease all over, but I’m not convinced taking it out of the sides or centre back will fix it. You may need to size down?? Can you compare the shorts and seams lines to another pair you own to see how they compare? Often that can show up problems really quickly and also give you a template to work from. Good luck!

    1. Thanks a lot, Jillian, for your suggestions! I am pretty convinced now that I should just take it apart and try to redo it in a size or more smaller and perhaps compare the crotch part with my RTW jeans… aghh it sounds like a lot of work but I hope I can remedy it:-) Incidentally, I added 1 cm to the crotch length to adjust for my height (pattern is drafted for 160cm height), but now at least I know for future makes of pants/skirts from this book that I don’t need to do that.

      PS. I love your blog!!

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