MICHIYOさんの新刊から a vest from Michiyo’s new book

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I was so excited about my make from the Japanese knitting book “Michiyo’s Workshop” last year, that when Michiyo’s new book, “Happy Choice of Color and Style Knit Daywear” came out this Spring, I ordered my copy right away without any second thoughts.




My first make from the book is the Lace Vest (page 34)

I don’t usually go for lace items because I am not very good with them (something always get caught on doorknobs, on necklaces etc..) but when I saw this pattern I had to make it.




Progress was slow in the beginning, but after I got used to knitting the lace pattern, things went quite smoothly.

I chose the same yarn in the same color as the sample shown in the book:-)




After it is completed, I realise it looks a bit similar to this other lace top which I made, even though the yarns are different in textures and colors. I don’t mind though! They are both great pieces in my summer wardrobe.



There are many cool items I want to make from this book, but as usual there is only so much time!

I want to make (wishful thinking) at least another 2 items from this book… at some time or another…






にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 編み物(Ravelryパターン)へ

michiyosummer10 The instructions were as usually quite clear and well diagramed. It looks like there will be another book released by Michiyo for autumn-winter this year! I can’t wait, though it’s still boiling outside, I can already dream about what I want to make for the colder weather.

Thank you for reading 🙂
Have you already started planning what to knit for the upcoming colder weather?


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