Preparing for the cooler weather with a new jacket コアコアのジャケットで秋の準備


Although I love autumn and its crisp, cool air, I always find the end of summer is always a little sad… don’t you?

In anticipation for the cooler weather to come, I made myself a new jacket from an older Japanese sewing book. It is I.02 Collarless Jacket in “Daily Sewing Book” by Quoi? Quoi?




It’s not like I needed this jacket really…  but I just can’t stop sewing… Do you know this feeling?



Anyway, back to the jacket and the pattern itself – it was a breeze to whip up.

The instructions were clear and straight-forward. I cut a Size 9 (M) with no changes except for adding +2cm to the length of the bodice.




The front is held closed by one (and only one… yay!) snap button at the top. There was top-stitching involved and called for some embroidery thread (always fun to to try something new:D)… though it is not noticeable due to this busy fabric.





The fabric is a knit, is a mystery in content, and does well in the washing machine…. probably polyester. I usually prefer natural fabrics but as I liked this fabric very much when I saw it in the fabric shop, it had to come home with me:D




This is my third year writing this blog, but apparently taking pictures has not gotten any easier with time^^;


Well, despite not needing it, I am happy to say that I have already worn it out and will certainly wear it a lot this autumn/winter^^

Thanks for reading!



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24 thoughts on “Preparing for the cooler weather with a new jacket コアコアのジャケットで秋の準備

  1. Beauti jacket! I love your blog and all the clothes that you make. Oh! I really love the Japanese patterns, 💙

    1. Thank you! and yes an internal struggle indeed…starting to feel a bit guilty, but I can’t stop sewing (yet)! I guess as long as we wear what we make and not let them go to waste^_^

  2. What a great jacket! Classic yet modern, and navy is so versatile. It looks great on you. And since when did we sewists ever let not needing new clothes get in the way of making more? 😀

  3. What a beauty of a fabric, and it looks great with this pattern! I am searching for a similiar pattern right now, maybe with some more details/pockets but the silhouette is pretty much what I looking for. Very inspiring 🙂

    1. Thank you! I hope you find the pattern you are looking for soon:-) I also recommend this book, other than this jacket, there are also patterns for skirts, dresses and tops which I find quite classic and useful.

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