Jersey Journal #2: Leggings

Have you seen the new Yoga Set OHM pattern from Schnittchen?

My discovery of this pattern could not have come at a better timing.
I have recently decided to get off my bum and get some exercise:-) I have been going to Zumba classes and have been them a lot…  it feels very good to (try to) dance!




image from

After reading the posts by  La Petite Josette and Dawn at Two on Two Off about their beautiful workout wear, I was very inspired to make some of my own.

A few reasons drove me to buy this pattern set the moment I saw it. First of all, it is basic, simple and stylish. Second, I thought the price was quite reasonable, given the fact that three patterns are included in the set, which can be worn not only for workout but can also be incorporated into the everyday wardrobe. Also, I had tried a Schnittchen pattern before and found it fitting very well.

少し前に La Petite Josette さんとTwo on Two Off のDawnさんのブログで彼女たちが自分で作ったかわいいフィットネスウェアを見て刺激を受けて、いつかフィットネスウェアを作ってみたいと思った矢先でした。




After opening the pattern, I had a fourth reason to love it! There are only very few pattern pieces to trace:-)

I decided to make the leggings first because that is what I need the most. I chose a medium weight black jersey which was delightful to work with. I think I could also have chose a thinner jersey, but I wanted the first pair warm enough to wear out jogging.




It was very quick to make it up with only three pattern pieces to trace and cut!  The waist band is made by stretching the jersey as you sew, with no additional elastic band required.




I made a size 34 graded to size 36 at the hip.I think the size is pretty good, though I can also try making the entire legging in size 36 the next time, if I make it in a thicker material (i.e. for more of a sweat pant type pant).



I am excited about making more! These would also make nice PJs, I think, in a softer jersey. The tank top and the sweatshirt patterns included also looks very cool and I hope to make them up soon too!


image from

Anyway, as you can tell, I am a big fan of this pattern!

Do you also sew your own fitness wear?




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4 thoughts on “Jersey Journal #2: Leggings

  1. Wow such great value having the three patterns! Your pants look great, super comfy looking. Sometimes the quick bread-and-butter patterns that can be worn every day can be so satisfying.

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