Ulm Dress / Ulmワンピース

Hello, it’s been awhile!

I am back with my Ulm dress! It is named after the city in Germany I visited where I bought this beautiful fabric. I love it and had to have it! Although I was in Ulm for sightseeing, I found a wonderful fabric shop and spent too much time in it… I guess that this is an experience that many of my fellow hobby seamstresses share when going on trips:-)




Anyway, I only bought 1.5 m and wanted to make a dress out of it. After searching through my patterns, I decided on the Pattern no. 12 “French Sleeve Dress” from Quoi Quoi’s book of Dresses which I talked about in an earlier post.



It is a simple French sleeve dress with darts at the front and only two pattern pieces, the front and the back – yay! Usually with such simple patterns, I would be worried about creating an unflattering sack… but my experience with Quoi Quoi patterns tells me that although the patterns are simple, the cutting is quite nice.



So three hours later (including the time needed for making the bias tape for the neckline and the armhole openings) I have a new dress, just in time for Spring!



The fabric is a little thin so I wear a slip underneath. I used to line all my dresses – even the summer linen ones – but I found that for the boiling summer it is best to just make unlined dresses and wear a slip…. perhaps this is just my excuse to save time:-)


Size: Size M, shortened to hit above the knee



That’s all for now. Thank you for reading!


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12 thoughts on “Ulm Dress / Ulmワンピース

  1. I think the French darts are making a major difference in the fit. This dress is above perfect!

  2. Yes…finding a fabric store while travelling is very conflicting. How much time to spend there? Your fabric is fabulous and you’ll remember your trip to the Germans town every time you wear it! Nice pattern to make the print the focus.

  3. Such a beautiful dress and fabric! I really like the little sleeves, they add a nice bit of interest to the simple shape of the dress. And I totally agree, fabric shopping in foreign cities is great 🙂

    1. Thank you! yes, the sleeves keep it from being too rectangular:-) By the way, that store “Stoff & Stil” you introduced on your blog looks great! if I get a chance to go to Cologne, I would love to visit there:-)

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