knitting basket

Yarns I like (a.k.a. where my salary disappears to…) 大好きな毛糸たち 

Ancient Arts Fibre Crafts– luxurious woollen yarns in unique colorways.

Eden Cottage Yarns – love the delicate colorways… very squishy (heart-eyed)

Fleece Artists

Hamanaka Flax K – Hamanaka is Japan’s largest yarn manufacturer – my favourite yarn of theirs is this blend of linen and cotton, with beautiful colours and wonderful texture.

Handmaiden – super luxurious – the yarns are made of silk or a blend of wool and silk – the sheen and the colours are amazing…

Raincity Knits – yarns dyed in Gastown, Vancouver. Super squishy. Have you ever tried to look for neon coloured yarns? This is where you would find them, as well as yarns of other beautiful saturated colours

Sweet Fiber Yarns

Tanis Fiber Arts – again, super squishy and beautiful colours. I still haven’t decided which colour I would like to buy yet…

Yarn shops 好きな毛糸のお店

Vancouver, Canada

Three Bags Full – perhaps my favourite yarn shop ever! Located in a local neighbourhood in Vancouver, Canada, it features mostly local yarns and is where I “met” many of my favourite yarns for the first time – ie. Ancient Arts, Tanis Fibre Arts, Raincity Knits…

Pattern Inspirations 好きなパターン

Kazekobo 風工房 – The patterns from this Japanese creator of knits is so creative and interesting. One of my two favourites!

Michiyo – I always look forward to her pattern books – so cool, so wearable, but so special!

Isabell Kraemer

Jane Richmond

Joji Locatelli

にほんブログ村 ハンドメイドブログ 編み物(Ravelryパターン)へ


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